Saturday 17 April 2021
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Broken Hearted? Win Your Ex Back With These Easy Tricks

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There is nothing like the feeling of a broken heart. When somebody breaks up with you, it can feel as though it’s the end of the world. Many people find break-ups tough. If you did not expect your ex to leave you, you might be wondering what you did wrong. If you want to get your ex back, there are some simple ways you can do so. It is awful when you lose somebody you love, but that doesn’t mean that the game is over. There is still time to win your ex back, and you should start right now.

Give your ex some space for a while

The last thing you or your ex need is to stay in constant contact with each other. You need to give your ex some space. There is a reason that he or she broke up with you, and so you need to let him or her have some time away from you. Giving your ex some space will be a shock to him or her. When your ex broke up with you, he or she likely assumed that you would pester him or her all the time. Don’t do it. It’s degrading, and it will reaffirm the idea that you are weak. Delete their number if you have to, but don’t contact them for a month or two.

Focus on self-improvement

During your time away from your ex, you need to focus on yourself. When people are in relationships for a long time, they often find it difficult to get time alone. That means that over time, they lose their individuality. There are likely things you have always wanted to do, but couldn’t. You have to remember that sometimes being in a relationship holds you back. Start expressing yourself and improving yourself every day. You might want to improve your career prospects or learn a new skill. Whatever you do, forget about your ex for a while and focus on you.

Analyze what went wrong

What went wrong in your relationship? If you are hoping to repair your relationship, you need to figure out what made the relationship fail. The only way you can do that is think about the months leading up to your break-up. What changed during that period? Were you under a lot of stress? Did something change within your relationship? If you can pinpoint what went wrong with you and your ex, you can work to improve it in the future.

Give yourself a makeover for once

If you haven’t changed your appearance in a while, now is an ideal time. When people come out of a long-term relationship, they often make a drastic change to their appearance. Don’t do that. Instead, work on improving your current look. Spend some money on new clothes and get a new haircut. Sometimes a makeover isn’t just about how you look on the outside. Work on boosting your self-confidence as well.

Start a hobby and meet new people

One way to take your mind off your ex is to start a new hobby. Your ex will never want you back if he or she sees you wallowing in self-pity. Get out there and try something new. Make sure that you take part in a hobby that involves meeting people. When you have a bunch of new friends, you will feel confident in yourself.

Meet your ex

After a couple of months, you will feel like a whole new person, and that is the right time to see your ex again. Choose a time to meet up with your ex so that you can show him or her your transformation. Make it a casual thing. Ask him or her to meet you for coffee, but make sure that you don’t sound needy. Be cool, calm and relaxed. When you see your ex, treat him or her like any other friend. Don’t be mean, be friendly. When your ex sees that you are over him or her, they will want you back.