Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Alternative Ways To Find ‘The One’

When you’ve been single for a little while, you may start to think about getting out there again. Perhaps you’ve had some pressure from friends who keep inviting you round just to leave you alone in the kitchen with weird Bob. Maybe Mum has provided one or two sons of her bridge club friends, but their hand-knitted jumpers just didn’t cut it.

When the weeks of loneliness start turning into months, it’s time to be proactive, get out there, and find some alternative ways to get a date. Weddings are sometimes the most depressing places to be when you are single. All that love in the air can just reinforce what you feel you’ll never find. A drunken stumble into an equally paralectic guy at a pub, club or kebab house on a night out probably isn’t going to result in long term love, especially if you are too drunk to be able to write down his phone number accurately. You may have to try thinking outside the box.

2898797929_f209eeb4a4_zThanks to Flickr for the pic!

  1. One of the most cliched places to find a single guy is at a comic-con. These events require you to dress up in your favourite superhero or sci-fi costume and queue up for hours to get a couple of autographs from 70’s TV stars. If you have a secret guilty pleasure for Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man or Christian Bale as Batman, you may be able to find a like-minded friend at one of these. If nothing else, it’s a good giggle!
  2. Trick or Treating and Halloween parties are another great opportunity for dressing up (if you’re into that). Despite the disguises, personalities are more evident on these occasions, enabling you to make quicker judgement about someone’s suitability for long term love. Try and partner up with a character that complements your own costume (eg. Batman to your Catwoman).
  3. If you prefer straight answers and conversation over costumes and pranks, Speed Dating London style could be ideal. Even these have theme nights, so don’t throw away your Catwoman costume just yet! The concept of these events is to meet as many eligible men as possible in a very short period of time. You are given just 2 or 3 minutes to ask them as many questions (and of course answer theirs) to determine if they are someone you could see yourself going on a date with. These are great fun to rapid fire questions about love, relationships, aspirations, careers, pets, and anything else you deem important in a suitor.
  4. If you are passionate about a cause you may find your like-minded one true love at a rally, protest or demo. Of course, one of you may get arrested so you never see eachother again, or you may forget all about the cause as you wander off deliriously happy, arm in arm.
  5. Finally, a yoga class gives you a pretty good idea of a guy’s bendability. Fortunately not all guys are pervs looking for some lycra-clad girls, but if you want to find a guy in touch with his body, mind and soul, a yoga class could be good for you both.