Saturday 17 April 2021
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5 Types of Apprenticeships to Consider for School Leavers



So college isn’t for you, but you don’t want to be stuck in a dead-end job. You’ve got a few choices. If you’ve got an entrepreneurial flair, you could look at starting your own business. If you’ve already got a stack of money, perhaps you could buy a franchise. Another option that many forget is looking at an apprenticeship. There’s a stack of trades you can look at – here’s five you might not have considered:


An apprenticeship in boilermaking can take you anywhere in the world. Whilst the work can be hot and often in remote locations, boilermakers often speak of the joy of seeing something created – that’s not something that can be said for every trade. Boilermakers are employed in a range of fields including shipbuilding, oilrig construction, mining, and even deep water fabrication. Trade qualified boilermakers and welders can attract great money, doing amazing work. Welding is at the core of boilermaking – for more information on the welding craft, equipment and safety materials, check out a website such as


From domestic plumbing through to industrial waste and gas fitting applications, plumbers are always in high demand. When people think plumbing, they often think of unclogging toilets. Plumbing is so much more than just unplugging drains and toilets. Plumbers are often found in any new construction, be it domestic, commercial or industrial and can apply their skills to a range of fields. Interested in a career that’s both flexible and financially rewarding? Start with an apprenticeship in plumbing.


Take a look around your classroom or home – everything is wired. Who does that? An electrician. Take a walk through the city. Power poles. Streetlights. New constructions and skyscrapers – they all need electricians. A career as an electrician can see you work in the most amazing places. You’ll find them employed in a range of fields, or working for their own business. Are you a bright spark? Check out an apprenticeship as an electrician.


Carpentry – it’s the ability to make something great out of wood. Carpenters are often employed in a range of fields. Many become builders, use their skills in mining applications or take a more creative approach and use their skills to build the most beautiful furniture. Working with your hands to create something can bring the most amazing joy.


From a suburban garage and high-performance racing to diesel mechanics working on huge rigs, mechanics apply their knowledge to make everything run smoother (or faster, if you’re into racing!). If you love seeing things go, if you love fixing things that are broken, or if you marvel at the amazing power of a huge diesel engine, then an apprentice mechanic might be a step in the right direction for you.

Have you studied a trade? What advice could you give a school leaver, considering an apprenticeship? Are there any emerging trades that a school leaver should consider, or dying trades that maybe should be ignored? Share your thoughts in the comments below.