Wednesday 21 April 2021
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5 Tips For Saving Water!

If there is something everyone remembers from their childhood it is their parents’ constant reminders to stop wasting water. Over and over again the cries echo from exasperated parents onto the ears of the seemingly deaf children before them. But once you’re old enough to pay your own bills, you begin to understand and suddenly you begin to care! Take a moment to consider our top 5 tips for saving water. We’ve consulted with experts and searched far and wide, even sourcing technical advice from the team at to see what solutions can be found to help you.

Turn off dripping taps

It’s the age-old story – the dripping tap that is going to cost you a fortune in water bills. We often think it couldn’t possibly amount to much, but ultimately it does. Think about how many taps there are in your house that have the potential to be leaking at any one time. Now take a moment to think about just how much water could leak out of any one of those if left for a whole day unattended. Yes, it adds up. When you hear the tap drip, turn it off.

Wash your dishes by hand

Dish washers are always promoted as the latest and greatest, but even with the economy cycles and low wash cycles, they do go through a lot of water with each wash. The simple task of washing your dishes by hand could save you more water than you may have previously considered.

Do a full load of washing

How many times have you caught yourself doing a half a load of clothes or, even worse, just throwing just one or two urgent things through the machine? Take the time to find enough clothes to fill up your machine. Plan your wardrobe ahead so you’re not caught out and tempted to do a quick load. Reduce the number of times in a week you use your washing machine and you’ll ultimately reduce your water consumption.

Don’t run water while brushing your teeth

It’s hard to imagine that anyone still does this! We’ve heard it so many times. But the culprits and the crime are more widespread than you may think, so keep en eye out for these water thieves in your house. Children are the most common offenders and could easily be wasting litres of water with each brush. Keep your ears pricked next time you send the little ones in and start teaching them smarter habits sooner.

Shorter showers

It’s the age-old solution that anyone will proclaim is easier said than done. Start timing your showers and you might soon find the solution easier than you thought. Set your smartphone’s timer to three minutes, with a reminder at two. Or find a three minutes song you can play while you shower. Once you hear the third chorus, you’ll know it’s time to wrap up!