Wednesday 21 April 2021
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5 Healthy Hobbies to Start This Coming Summer



Summer’s back and, though the impulse to find somewhere with air con and stay there until the heat goes away is a compelling one, it’s not a great way to keep yourself active. Summer is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby, especially if you’re looking to maintain your fitness level through to the cooler months and beyond.

1. Cycling

No air con in your house? No problem. Go for a ride and feel the wind in your hair. Most capital cities have a bike-sharing scheme available now. Pick a bike up at a station near you, take it for a leisurely ride through the city and drop it off at the other end. Don’t have a bike of your own? Head to a specialist retailer, like 99 Bikes, and sort yourself out. Cycling will get your heart rate up and even an hour’s worth of moderate effort on a bike can burn up to 700 calories! Much more scenic than the treadmill.

2. Gardening

Getting into the garden is a great hobby for those who want to combine light-to-moderate exercise with a bit of home beautification. Maintaining a nice lawn and garden can be time consuming initially but if you’re looking for a hobby or project that will last you all summer, this is the perfect choice. It’s doubly rewarding if you start using your newly fertile garden to grow your own produce!

3. Cooking

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. Growing your own food allows you to supplement your dietary intake with loads of nutritious vegetables and flavoursome herbs. The warmer months are a great time to focus on cooler meals – lots of salads, fruit and cold meats. They’re good for you and they’re super refreshing.

4. Climbing

Rock climbing is a challenging hobby that will keep you active and introduce you to lots of like-minded people. You can go to indoor climbing facilities that offer varying levels of challenge and are great for beginners (plus they’re air conditioned – great during the warmer months, even when working up a sweat), or if you’re more experienced you can head out into the bush to find your next rock-face conquest.

5. Swimming

One of the best ways to stay cool in summer and keep healthy is take up swimming. Even if you’re just hitting your local public pool or gym for a few laps, swimming burns calories, builds muscle and is very low impact so those with weaker joints will be in their element. Again, public pools are a great place to socialise with other like-minded people and it will help to keep the enthusiasm required to hit your goals.

Staying healthy during the summer months is way easier than it seems. Like everything else connected to good health, it comes back to you only getting out what you put in. Committing to a series of exercises and dietary changes can be pretty hard work, but when you turn it into recreation – when you can find the fun – you’ll be way better equipped to keep it going through the summer months, and on into the future. What are your favourite healthy hobbies? How do you stay motivated? Let us know in the comments below!