Saturday 17 April 2021
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3 Truly Unusual Occupations

It can be hard deciding what to do for a career. Lots of people leave the world of study and fall into the 9 to 5 humdrum of office life without ever really intending to. If you’re determined to avoid traveling down this route, you’ll need to be proactive and look for other options.

For inspiration, you can visit sites such as that provide opportunities to work or volunteer for short spells overseas. Getting out of your comfort zone and picking up new skills on one of these adventures could lead you into a career you don’t expect. It’s a great life experience too.

Meanwhile, you can also get plenty of inspiration online. The following list of three unusual jobs should give you some food for thought.

Golf ball diver

If you enjoy golf and you like diving, why not become a golf ball diver? These individuals spend most of their days clad in wetsuits and scuba gear retrieving all those wayward golf balls that end up lining the bottom of lakes and ponds.

The specialists tend to operate in areas like Florida where there are lots of golf courses. On a typical day, these workers can pick up anywhere up to 5,000 balls or more. These small spherical objects are then shipped off to refinishing companies, which get them back into good shape and sell them on at half the original price. Bear in mind you have to be motivated to work in these roles though. The amount of money you receive depends on how many balls you retrieve.

Ice cream taster

For those with a sweet tooth, this may seem like the ideal job. Ice cream tasters get to sample different frozen concoctions and give their feedback. They are employed by producers to check for product quality.

However, there is a downside to this job. Those who do it often have to maintain strict diets so that they don’t balloon in weight. No doubt the novelty of munching through so much of the sweet stuff also wears off after a while.

Snake milker

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Yes, that’s right – snake milker. These individuals are employed in areas where poisonous snake bites are common. As well as being highly dangerous, snake venom is one of the primary ingredients in the serums that are used to treat snake bites. This means people are needed to extract the venom from these slithery reptiles.

The term ‘milker’ may be a little misleading though. The liquid is extracted from the creatures’ teeth, meaning the procedure is a far cry from the techniques used to get milk from mammals like sheep and cows. Of course, these experts have to take safety seriously when they’re performing their roles otherwise they can easily end up getting bitten themselves.

If these three career options don’t take your fancy, there are many more unusual occupations to research online. From banana gassers and fire scientists to laughter therapists, you can take your pick.