Saturday 17 April 2021
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3 Reasons You Still Need a Landline

Is short battery life driving you batty? Are dropped calls getting you down in the dumps? Well then, you understand firsthand why landlines haven’t yet gone the way of the fax machine or the beeper. Landlines still offer the most consistent telecoms service. You can feel confident that calls won’t drop mid-conversation. There are no worries about getting a signal because factors like bad weather, cloud cover or limited coverage from your service provider don’t come into play when making a call from a landline. The sales landscape has also changed. Due to the increase in telecommunications wholesalers like, there’s now a whole range of smaller telcos that are more nimble and more attuned to customer needs. Still not convinced? Well, here are three reasons why you still need a landline.


Reliable Service

One of the most obvious benefits of a landline is reliability. Landline connections are still more dependable than cell phones. While mobile services have improved drastically in recent years, reception can be spotty depending on your location and things like weather conditions. Landlines offer security and give you the confidence of knowing that when an important call needs to be made, annoying and potentially embarrassing service issues won’t occur. If mobile coverage is limited where you live or work you definitely want to hang onto your landline or have one installed.

No Need to Worry About Battery Life

Battery life is another factor to consider when retaining a landline, even after buying a cell phone. This is another feature of mobile phones that has seen marked improvement over the years. But long commutes, an addiction to apps or just using the internet on your phone all raise the chance of your phone dying right when you need it most. Dropouts due to dead batteries can be embarrassing. Just think of your phone dropping out in the middle of an important call and not being able to reconnect until you’ve reached the nearest charger.

Separation of Personal and Business Life

Another reason to have a landline is for business. If you work from home, a landline is a legitimate business expense. It can also offer better connections for important calls and ensures that you have a clear separation between your work and family life. Let’s be honest, getting business calls to your personal mobile is frustrating and intrusive. A landline is a good way to make sure that every time you answer your mobile it will be a call from a friend or family member. Family members also know that they have a number they can reach you without having to compete with clients for your attention.

Landlines are far from being obsolete pieces of technology and, especially when it comes to business, are still vital tools in your communications arsenal. So don’t be in a hurry to ditch landlines yet. What are some of the ways you still use your landline? Share with other readers why you won’t be giving up your landline anytime soon.