Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Wonderful Ideas for His Valentine’s Day Gift

Buying gifts for men can be difficult, even if you know them well. Of course, every man is an individual, so there’s no one gift that will please them all. But even when you love someone and feel like you know them inside and out, it can be hard to come up with the perfect present with which to bestow them. Valentine’s Day is always a tough day to buy for. You’re both expected to trade gifts with each other, but the event seems to be heavily weighted toward frilly, traditionally romantic gift giving. If he’s not that sort of man, or you’re not that kind of couple, then some chocolates and a candlelit dinner just won’t cut it. Try some of these ideas on for size to get you thinking about what your love will enjoy.


Not everyone drinks, but for those that do an alcohol-related gift nearly always goes down well. Whether it’s drinks themselves you buy him, some drinking paraphernalia or a night on the town, you’re sure to make him happy.


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Men don’t always appreciate having clothes bought for them, but there are times when you can get it right. Just make sure you get him something he wants, not just something you wish to see him in.


Accessories are usually a little less contentious than clothing. Whether he’s a tie or baseball cap man, you can find something he’ll be proud to tell people his partner got for him.


The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so you can’t go amiss with food. If he’s a whizz in the kitchen, buy him something to cook with.


It’s not all about physical objects, and a day out can be just as fantastic. You could get him anything from a concert ticket to a day at the races.


Whether he’s a movie buff or a muso, every man enjoys some downtime with their chosen entertainment. Get him the latest game, movie or album, and he’ll be happy as a clam.


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Toiletries and Beauty Products

It’s completely okay for men to indulge in some grooming now, so don’t be shy about getting him beauty products. Just don’t call them beauty products in his presence.


When people think about gifts for men, books often get overlooked. But everyone has something that they enjoy reading, whether it’s graphic novels and massive history tomes.


Maybe your man’s been saying he wants to try new things or perhaps he already has a passionate hobby. Get him something to help him get really involved in an activity, from gardening to woodwork.

Something for the Home

There are plenty of things you can give him for his home, from movie posters and artwork to plants and furniture.

Something Silly

When you’re stuck for ideas and Valentine’s isn’t a serious thing for you, go with something lighthearted. There are lots of quirky or joke gifts you can give him.

A Day

If you’re short on cash, just give him your time and spend the day with him, without interruptions. Or, let him have his own time and leave him alone for a day!