Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Weird and Wonderful Careers You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Some people don’t want a regular job. Some people want to make a difference to the world in a totally weird, unique way. Does this sound like you? If so, you might be interested in one of these 12 weird and wonderful careers. I bet you didn’t even realise that careers like this existed!

  1. Furniture Tester

Nope, they don’t just design a piece of furniture and then send it to the retailers. Furniture needs to be tested extensively before it can be sold. Special people come in, sit on sofas and chairs, before reporting back about their experience. They may give suggestions on the best material to use, or how to make it more comfortable.

  1. Pet Food Taster

If animals could talk, this job wouldn’t exist. The fact is; they can’t tell us if something tastes nice enough for them. This is where humans who aren’t afraid of weird tasting substances come in. A pet food taster will check the food for taste, smell, consistency, and more. They’ll then report back as to whether they think the food is suitable, and what can be done to improve. They don’t always eat the food though; they spit it out after chewing.

  1. Panda Handler

Pandas are strange creatures. For some reason, you really have to force them to mate. If they don’t mate, they won’t last much longer. We can’t decide if they’re uncomfortable with their sexuality, or just plain lazy. Either way, it’s a panda handlers job to make one want to mate with another panda. Some strange methods, including giving a panda viagra have even been trialled!




Gunsmiths make a decent living doing what they do. If you’re into firearms and weapons, this could be the career for you! You’ll be doing all kinds of things, like fixing firearms and selling them. Your main job will be to care for neglected firearms, making sure they’re safe before you give them back to the owner. You stand a big chance of getting a job if you can get an apprenticeship with an experienced gunsmith.

  1. Breath Sniffer

Life can be hard as a breath sniffer. Not only must you be brutally honest about the state of somebody’s breath, you must stand there and whiff similar scents all day long. You need to have a strong stomach, just in case somebody with halitosis should come along. But wait a sec, what’s the point of this job? Well, a breath sniffer will take a whiff before rating the breath on a scale of 1 to 10. The person whose breath has been rated will then use toothpaste or mouthwash of some kind before having their breath rated again. This is how toothcare companies can make such bold claims about fresh breath!

  1. Ball Tester

You can’t just create a ball and hope for the best. A special ball tester needs to be on hand to play with the ball, bounce it, kick it, and do anything else they can think of to ensure that this is a quality ball. They’ll rate it on its bounciness, resilience, strength, and more.

  1. Barbie Dress Designer

There are hundreds of different versions of Barbie, and that doesn’t include all of the friends she has either. Barbie is always expected to look her best, so of course she needs a team of dress designers to come up with new outfits for her! She has had thousands of outfits over the years, and a Barbie dress designer will need to come up with as many as they can think of to keep up with demand. This could be a great career for a budding fashion designer.



  1. Safe Cracker

Safes aren’t just for rich, snooty people; businesses have safes, and even people who have a collection of antiques. Safes can be very helpful in safeguarding our property, especially expensive property that we don’t get out and use much. The only problem is; safes can be left alone for so long sometimes that the owner forgets the code! You can’t exactly write it down in plain site; this would be a burglar’s dream come true! Safe crackers use special skills to listen to the safe and crack the code. Let’s just hope they don’t ever use their powers for evil!

  1. Paper Towel Sniffer

Have you ever used a fresh paper towel and been put off by the smell? I suppose you’ve never really thought about how they become odorless, have you? This is where paper towel sniffers really shine. They rate the scent of a paper towel from 1-10, so that companies can be sure their paper towels won’t leave the user with a bad smell up their nose. Next time you dry your hands, think of them!

  1. Worm Picker

Some people have an irrational fear of worms, but these guys stay awake in the dead of night to capture them. Worms are sold to fishermen all around the world to up their fishing game, So it’s a worm pickers job to do their best to locate worm colonies. Once located, they’ll seal the worms in cans and sell them on. While you’re sleeping, they’re out on a stormy night looking for slimy worms.

  1. Shark Tank Cleaner

A shark doesn’t lick its tank clean itself, so somebody else needs to do it. Sark tanks need cleaning just like a human household would, the only problem is, you can’t put the shark in another tank like you would with a gold fish. You’ll need to be very brave to clean the tank of a shark.

  1. Professional Sleeper

If you’re always sleeping, you could make a great professional sleeper. Scientists will monitor your sleeping patterns and do sleep studies on you. This helps them to come up with diagnosis and cures for certain sleep problems.

Which of these careers would you like to give a go? Some are exciting, some are cushy, and some are just plain gross. Leave a comment with your thoughts!