Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Ways To Look Chic At Work

The office isn’t always the easiest place to show off your style. Unless you work in a fashion magazine, strict dress codes can sometimes make dressing your best trickier than it usually is. However, the way you present yourself at work makes a major impact on the way others perceive you, including your boss. Making the effort to look more fashion-forward in the workplace just might boost your career. If nothing else, it’ll do wonders for your self-esteem.


  1. Get creative with accessories. If your workplace’s dress code is pretty difficult to work around, you can always jazz up a dull suit with some interesting accessories. At a statement necklace, unique earrings and brooches to bring a splash of color to your ensemble.
  2. Find your perfect handbag. Your handbag is one of your most valued accessories- it should be practical but stylish. A larger handbag is perfect for carrying around all of your essentials for the day, and a structured style is perfect for a more formal corporate environment.
  3. Play with color. A pop of color from your handbag, shoes or even your fingernails will instantly bring new vibrance to your office look.
  4. Perfect Your Outerwear. So many of us pour energy into getting an outfit right and then throw on an ugly old coat over the top to head out of the door. Don’t neglect your outwear- invest in a high quality, chic coat for the winter months and you’ll be able to strut into the office in style all year round.
  5. Try out pastels. There’s no need to stick with dull, neutral color schemes just because you’re at work. Try giving your workwear a boost with pretty pastel shades- the blazer is the perfect place to start, but you can play with these shades on your blouse if you’re a little less daring.
  6. Opt for towering heels. If all else fails, a killer pair of high heels will always keep you looking chic. Buy a pair of statement shoes in an interesting print or bold color if you want to offset a muted suit, or wear a nude pair to automatically elongate your legs.
  7. Experiment with proportions. If you’re wearing a sleek pair of suit pants, offset the effect with a loose fitting blouse or slightly oversized blazer. Playing around with the proportions of your workwear will create a more fashion forward look and highlight your best features.
  8. Raise your waistline. For those that are bored of the same old pantsuit, a high waisted style can be an interesting twist. Invest in a great fitting pair and tuck in a silk blouse.
  9. Switch up your blouse. This one depends upon the formality of your office’s dress code, but if collared shirts aren’t strictly necessary then try exchanging your usual blouse for a silk t-shirt. It creates an instant cool effect, keeping you looking put together without looking fussy or stiff.
  10. Get the perfect fit. The fit is crucial when it comes to workwear. If you can’t find pantsuits and office clothing that fits just right, head to a tailor and fit it to your body. The right fit can make all the difference.
  11. Rock a pencil skirt. A fitted pencil skirt is an absolute must for any work wardrobe. Find a skirt that nips in at your waist and finishes just above your knees- wear with your statement heels and a tucked in silk blouse for a fail-safe office outfit.
  12. Boost your beauty routine. The final touch to great workplace style is in the hair, makeup and nails. Maintain a neat but chic haircut and manicure your nails regularly- these details can make or break your look.