Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Ways To Improve Family Bonds


Family are the most important people in your life as they will always be there for you. However, there are times where you may feel that you are not as close as you would like to be.

Here are 12 simple ways to improve your relationships within your family:

1. When family members feel accepted, the bond improves. Your interactions need to demonstrate respect and warmth.

2. The family needs to spend time together so that the bond is strengthened. Life can be chaotic at times and each member has their own thing to do, but the family should make time to spend together.

3. Communication needs to be used. The members need to listen to one another and to not discount anything that is said. Effective communication will help family bonds and members will feel understood and not scared to express themselves.

4. While the bonds within your primary family unit are vital, they are not the only family you have. You should also look at building ties with extended family. This creates bonds with relatives that will support you.

5. A family should work together. Boundaries and responsibilities for each member can be set and the members will contribute to family wellbeing. This then increases the sense of belonging.

6. Instilling a thankful attitude into children teaches them not to take family for granted and to appreciate each member.

7. Each member of the family will have different interests. As a family you should do what others may want to do or indulge in their activities. This will show that you are interested and willing to make the effort. The members will then feel valued.

8. You should love freely in a family. There are far too many families that do not show their love for one another and assume that they already know. Express your love so they can feel it.

9. As each member is an individual you will need to create friendships, and learn to understand and know one another.

10. Family members need to feel that they are able to tell the truth instead of lying about things. Promises that are made to one another need to be kept. This shows that members can be trusted and are honest.

11. Grudges are a huge barrier in forming family bonds. You need to let go of these grudges, otherwise you will drift from the family.

12. Try not to sweat the small stuff. If someone spills a drink or accidentally breaks something, try not to get upset about it. These small things are not important and getting upset about them won’t improve the family bonds.