Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Ways To Guarantee A Promotion

Promotions mean more responsibility and, hopefully, a bigger 
paycheck. Once upon a time, being in the same job a long time was sufficient to guarantee a promotion. These days, that’s not enough. For a better chance at climbing the modern corporate ladder, follow our top tips:

Join a larger company

Bigger companies tend to mean bigger opportunities. If your promotion goal is somewhere in the future, make sure you choose to work somewhere with potential for growth.

Excel at your current job

Brilliant performance reviews aren’t all it takes to move up but without them, you’re going nowhere. Arrive early, stay late, and go the extra mile right now.

Be recognized 

Take the credit you deserve. Push your boss for a performance review and follow up completed projects with a memo measuring your success.


What you know alone won’t get you a promotion. You need to have the right people on your side and that means making the effort at company events and coffee breaks.

Let people know 

Make sure your coworkers and boss know you to move up so that they can share opportunities with you.

Find a mentor
Identify someone in your field who is willing to teach you more about the business and skills you’ll need to succeed.

Develop new skills 

And hone existing ones so that you have more to offer than the other candidate. Consider further education courses, professional qualifications or learning a language.

Groom a successor

If you’re indispensible in your current position, your boss is unlikely to promote you out of it.

Apply for promotions 

Don’t expect them to come to you, even if they’re internal.

Ace the interview 

Prepare thoroughly!

Act the part 

Always dress and behave like a professional.

Develop a position

If you see an opening and talk to management  about this.