Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Ways To Get More Miles From Your Gallon

If you can’t afford to upgrade to a hybrid but are desperate to get more from your tank full of gas, you need to start changing the way you drive. Here are a few simple ways that you can maximize your fuel efficiency without trading your car in for a new model.


  1. Invest in a fuel economy gauge. It’s difficult to know how much gas you’re getting through without one, so install one of these nifty devices and you’ll be able to see exactly when you’re gas is getting sucked away at top speeds. Most fuel economy gauges are extremely easy to plug into your car, and they’ll quickly help make you more aware of your mileage.
  2. Inflate your tires. Don’t leave it to the last possible second to pump up your tires. When your tires are under pressured, your rolling resistance increases and your fuel efficiency is affected, so keep them fully inflated at all times.
  3. Coast when you can. Heading down a hill or slope? There’s no need to keep your engine on- switch off and coast down until you need the power again. It’s simple tricks like this that can add up and save you money.
  4. Navigate traffic wisely. When you’re stuck in a long line of cars, it’s tempting to keep accelerating and then breaking, especially when you’re feeling frustrated and desperate to get home in time for dinner. This constant breaking will burn through your gas, so maintain a steady and slow creep as the traffic moves instead.
  5. Stick to the speed limit. We know, senior citizens seem to be the only people sticking to the limit these days, particularly on fast highways, but the truth is that driving fast will reduce your fuel economy way quicker than slowing down. You can improve your fuel economy by 7-23% simply by driving more slowly.
  6. Don’t be idle. Idling your car is a complete waste of fuel, and could leave you with an empty tank before you’ve even reached your destination. If you’re staying in one place for even a couple minutes, turn off your engine and wait until you’re ready to leave.
  7. Maintain your vehicle at all times. Don’t wait until your car is at breaking point to get it serviced. When your car isn’t running at its best, the gas mileage suffers. According to Advance Auto Parts, something as simple as a dirty air filter will reduce your gas mileage by as much as 20%. Issues with your spark plugs will also affect your mileage, so take your car in for a check-up on a regular basis.
  8. Reduce your load. Got a load of camping gear and a bike you never ride stuck in your trunk? Get rid of all of the extra weight by clearing your car of anything that doesn’t really need to be in it.
  9. Take off the roof rack. Once you’re done emptying out your crowded trunk and backseat, make sure you remove the roof rack if it’s not currently in use. These add-ons can be extremely heavy and will be dragging your car back as you ride, making your engine work harder than it needs to.
  10. Consider your temperatures. Is it really hot enough to be blasting the air conditioning that high? Using the heating or air conditioner in your car will burn through your gas, so crack the window if it isn’t scorching hot. Keep in mind that winding the windows down all the way when you’re driving fast on the highway will also decrease your fuel efficiency, so use the air conditioner for fast journeys and roll the window down if you’re driving slowly.
  11. Get your gears right. If you habitually drive in the wrong gear, try to adjust your driving style to get into the right gear. Drive in the highest gear possible once you’re at a good speed to keep your fuel consumption down.
  12. Try to skip rush hour. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but if you do have the choice then try to skip heading out when you know that the traffic is going to be heavy.