Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Ways to Deal with Stress at Work


Alan Cleaver

Nearly everyone experiences stress at work. Some of it is helpful stress that pushes us to work harder, but some of it is hard to deal with and can end in disaster. If you can feel the pressure piling on at work, take note of these coping methods to help you deal with it.

Recognize the Warning Signs

Firstly, you need to learn how to realize when you’re beginning to feel stressed. You might feel anxious, have a headache, be uninterested in work or even develop a short temper.


There are many ways of dealing with stress outside of work, including doing plenty of exercise. It’s an excellent way to think about something else for a while and get rid of any tension you have built up over the day.

Eat Well

Experiencing low blood sugar can make you irritable or anxious, which can make it harder to cope at work. Make food choices that will keep you going throughout the day.

Cut Back on Alcohol and Nicotine

You might think smoking calms you down, but it’s only a temporary solution. Cut back on both drinking and smoking to reduce your stress.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping poorly can have adverse effects in several different areas of your life. It can affect both your physical and mental health. It’s essential to sleep well every night.

Look for Support

Your employer may have an employee assistance programme (EAP) to help you deal with personal problems. You can also look for support from friends and family so you have people to talk to.

Time Management

Learning to manage your work better will also help you with work stress. It contributes to creating a realistic schedule, without overloading yourself. Don’t forget to take plenty of breaks too.

Task Management

Managing your tasks so they don’t overwhelm you is vital too. Try breaking larger projects into small chunks to make them more manageable. Remember that you might be able to delegate too.

Improve Emotional Intelligence

Improving your emotional intelligence involves learning to use your emotions in constructive ways. You should stay in touch with your emotions and learn how to channel them into productivity.

Break Bad Habits

Your work stress could be worsened by patterns of negative thinking and behavior. Breaking out of these patterns, such as being a perfectionist, will teach you to relax and think more positively.

Communicate Better

Improved communication with your team can make your job easier. When everyone knows what they’re doing and gets on well, things will run more smoothly.

Learn to Deal with Difficult Colleagues

Sometimes your stress can come from working with difficult people. If you have been unable to come up with a resolution before, it helps to learn how to deal with these colleagues. You can try to encourage positivity and open communication, as well as knowing when to address someone’s behavior in an official manner.

Use these methods to help you deal with stress at work, and you’ll soon feel much happier when you leave the house in the morning, ready to face the day.