Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Ways To Deal With A Failing Marriage

Every relationship or marriage has its ups and downs. The trick is making sure you have more good days than bad. Maintaining a healthy relationship is no easy feat and, unfortunately, divorce rates are astronomical. Whether it’s a lack of communication or different life directions, eventually you’ll have to come to a decision.

  1. Communicate – Communication is the single most important aspect of a relationship. Without it, you are doomed. Talk to each other and allow an open and honest discussion. Fully understand where you and your partner are at in life.


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  1. Spot the weaknesses – Saving a troubled marriage requires a level of honesty. You need to admit your failings and identify your partner’s weaknesses. Talk openly about them, and take steps to change.
  1. Couple’s therapy – Some marriages benefit greatly from marriage therapy. It opens up a dialogue in a way you’ve been unable to in the past. Try a couple of sessions and see if it brings you closer.
  1. Take a holiday – Life is stressful, painful, and relentless. It’s easy to take things out on your significant other and build up resentment. Get away, just the two of you, and get some perspective on life.
  1. Listen to each other – Communication only works when you listen. Take the time to get into their heads and understand what they’re feeling. Many couples break up because they’re too busy thinking about themselves.
  1. Go on a date – It’s so easy to stop making time for each other. When you’ve got children and jobs to handle, taking a night off is often impossible. You’ve got to make time. Set aside one night a week and find the love again.
  1. Face facts – If none of this is working, it’s time to face the facts and take action. Have an honest conversation with each other. If it’s the best thing for both parties, call time on the relationship.
  1. Speak to the children – If you’ve got kids, don’t hide your separation from them. Be honest, upfront and treat them with respect. Tell them exactly what will happen in the future. More than anything, make sure they still feel loved.
  1. File for divorce – Legal proceedings are long and tricky. Speak to separate lawyers to begin your divorce doc prep and lay out the reasons for separation. Try to avoid too much blame as it will lengthen and complicate the process.
  1. Keep it amicable – A quick, inexpensive, and friendly divorce is everyone’s ideal option. It’s better for the children, and it ensures you can both move on quickly, without resentment.
  1. Set up regular custody – Be sure to come up with a reasonable custody situation. For the children’s sake, make sure it is friendly. Most importantly, make sure it is regular and routine. Try to make things as simple as possible.
  1. Keep communicating – You may be divorced, but you’re bound by the love of your children. Keep talking through their development and make sure you’re doing the right thing by them.

It can be a long and challenging process, but the key is communication. Try to recover the relationship first, but if it’s not working, it’s time to face facts.