Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Ways To De-Stress Your Life


12 easy ways to de-stress:


Sign up for a fun and intense exercise class and visualise stress leaving your body with each bead of sweat dripping down your sides.


Concentrate on breathing in and then breathing out, let go of your thoughts and concentrate on the breath.

Go for a walk

Take a quick walk around the office block or neighborhood block, get away from the situation and take time to let go.

Get a massage

For a lot of us this may seem like a luxury, but if you find yourself in high-stress situations regularly, this is a sure way to release some of that stress.


Listening to music can alter your mood and feelings, so put on some smooth jazz or whatever your favorite may be and wind down.

Take a bath

Never underestimate the powers of a long hot bath, add some oils or salts and let the stress wash out of you.

Be grateful

When you’re highly stressed take a moment to count out ten things you are grateful for, this will take your mind off what you were thinking about and make you feel better.

Learn to say no

Many of us take on more than we can actually do because we don’t want to let anyone down, but we end up letting ourselves down instead.

Don’t multitask

Focus on one thing at a time instead of starting three things at once.


Instead of tackling a mountain of tasks in one day, prioritize the top three or five and concentrate on getting those done.

Schedule down time

It’s okay not to be busy every minute of every day, in fact it is recommended.

Be present

Leave what needs to be done tomorrow for tomorrow, don’t clog your brain up with thinking about all the things that need to be done for the rest of the week, enjoy now.