Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Ways To Build Your Confidence At Work

It’s no surprise that being confident at work means more promotions.  What 
is surprising is just how easy it can be to replace self-doubt with confidence. Rather like building a skyscraper, boosting self-confidence in the workplace relies on clearing a solid foundation and stacking layers on top of that. Our 12 tips show you how:

Understand and accept

Know that self-doubt stems from childhood, that (almost) everyone suffers it, and sitting comfortably with it will cause less stress.
Stop comparing

Admire your colleagues’ achievements but don’t use them to knock your own.

List your achievements

Write down your successes- a promotion, a new skill- and keep it in your desk drawer. When you’re feeling doubtful, refer to this to remind yourself of your strengths.

Be conscientious

Working hard will energize and motivate you, which both build confidence. Make an effort to avoid slacking and do the best job you can.
Know the company

Find out as much about your organization and sector as you canKnowledge is power and that information will give you confidence to spot new opportunities.
DON’T undermine yourself

Avoid self-deprecating remarks, even in jest.

Dress well

Invest in quality over quantity and take pride in your appearance.

Stand better

Act confident by standing tall and keeping your head up; you’ll soon grow into it.


Address colleagues by name and ask open-ended questions to build both your confidence and theirs.

Work out

Exercise releases endorphins, which make you feel naturally good about yourself.

Set goals

Confront your fears in a safe environment. If public speaking terrifies you, challenge yourself to lead a small team meeting. Whatever the outcome, give yourself a reward- a cappuccino or cookie- for trying.


Happy people are confident people.