Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Top Uses For The Internet

If you are looking for a new start this year, you may want to look to the internet. That wondrous portal of information is the place to go wherever you are. Thanks to tablets and laptops, smartphones and even e-readers, we are connected to the internet twenty-four hours a day. The web has never had so much content for us to immerse ourselves into. From games to recipes, there really is something for everyone. We give you the top 12 things to do on the internet:

  1. Watch TV – You may be wondering why you would want to watch the telly on such a tiny screen, but what else are you going to do while waiting for the bus? On-demand is the way ahead. Watch what you want exactly when you want to.
  2. Job Search – If you are bored in the office, you can slope of to the loo and run a search for a better job! There are great job search sites out there, and all your favorite recruitment agencies are online too.


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  1. Catch up with friends – Yes, FaceBook had to appear here somewhere. See what they are up to and check out their latest posts. You can even play a quick game with them.
  2. Education and Training – There truly is a wealth of information out there, and lots of it is verified useful! You can take any number of formal qualifications entirely online, like your CCBA Certification to become a Business Analyst.
  3. Plan a Wedding – There are some great planner apps on GooglePlay and iTunes at the moment. Some are actually designed to help you plan your wedding. Everything from list making to scrapbooking is available as an add-on.
  4. Gaming – One of the biggest past times for those browsing the web is gaming. There are millions of games out there. Some are app based, with a few available offline, but the vast majority require that all-important internet connection.
  5. Shopping – Certainly one of the most useful applications for the internet. Get everything you have ever desired through the post after ordering online. Even your bank account is online these days, so no excuses or overspending.
  6. Watch a movie – Stream from the web or download off the internet for later. You can even choose between HD or SD. Lots of apps support this now, including Prime, Netflix and Flixster.
  7. Entertain the Kids (we mean educate, of course) – In a restaurant with a noisy toddler? Set a kid’s TV show playing or let them loose on some great educational apps like CBeebies to keep them quiet till your meal comes.
  8. Cook dinner – Enter your ingredients or pick a dish you love for a huge number of recipes to choose from.
  9. Learn a musical instrument – Head to YouTube and there are hundreds of tutorials, good and bad for every instrument you can think of.
  10. Find your way home – The internet has many a map to help you find your way. Use 4G to get a GPS service.