Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Tips To Ease Break Up Pain


Break ups can be tough especially if you have been with your partner for a while. There are ways that you can ease the heartache and move forward- here are 12 to try.

 1. In order to move past the pain of a broken heart you need to go through it and not avoid it. You need tackle the problem and the pain head on so that these issues do not resurface later on in your life.

2. After a breakup you should avoid your ex altogether. If you spend time with the ex afterwards or talk to them you will only be hurting yourself more.

3. You need to keep busy so that you do not dwell on the breakup. The more that you think about the breakup the more it will hurt.

4. You shouldn’t keep your feelings to yourself nor tell everyone about it. Grab your closest friend and spill. They will listen and support you and you are able to get everything out.

5. Write down your thoughts and feelings after a break up. This helps you to vent hidden feelings.

6. You can try some meditation as this helps to relax the mind. You need to close your eyes in a quiet place and extract all thoughts so that your mind is clear. This will help you to relax and give you clarity.

7. Family is the most important people when you are going through a break up as they will be there for you no matter what. You can indulge more in to your family and they will advise you through the process and give you a shoulder to cry on.

8.  Get rid of anything that reminds you of them. This can be difficult to do but getting rid of the things or placing them out of sight will stop you thinking about the ex.

9. If you are working, studying or anything else that improves your life then you should focus all your energy into these. Becoming successful in these aspects will make you feel good about yourself.

10. Get out and about. Staying at home and feeling sad won’t do you any good, you need to put yourself into social situations and get out. You could even begin a hobby- this helps you to keep busy, and you may even meet new people.

11. As a new person on your own, you should list all your goals as well as your strengths. This will give you positive reinforcement about yourself and make you feel good, knowing you have so much more.

12. You need time in order to move on from a break up. Feel the pain, then get to know yourself so that you are comfortable with your new life. You should never jump into another relationship after a break up.