Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Tips For Reducing Anxiety


Eat healthily

By making sure your diet contains enough folic acid, omega-3’s, B12 and even a bit of carbohydrates (try getting your portion from fruit and veg), will help your brain function optimally.  A shortage of some vitamins and minerals will leave you feeling drained and foggy.


Exercise encourages your brain to make positive neuron connections and boosts those feel-good hormones known as endorphins which have positive benefits for those with depression.  These are the same hormones released when you are in love!

Get a Routine

Psychologists suggest that a routine can effectively treat feelings of being overwhelmed and depressed.  It eliminates a lot of guess-work and frustrations. Depression often leaves a person feeling out of control.  Routine could help alleviate this feeling.

Get a pet

Researchers know that caring for a pet improves a person’s state of mind, self- imagine and confidence levels.  Having some responsibility forces a person afflicted with depression to think about the welfare of something they love and are responsible for.

Do something for yourself

Take time to have a long warm bath, read a good book or take a yoga class and never feel guilty about it.


Sometimes visualizing being in a place you find comforting helps to ease frayed nerves. Shrug off anxiety by visualizing success.


Controlling your breathing and taking deep breaths will help clear your mind and has a calming, cleansing effect.  Taking short shallow breathes deprives your body and brain from the oxygen it needs.

Do something new

A new adventure will distract and engage you in something that might make you happy or challenges you.  Dopamine levels in the brain, associated with enjoyment, is raised when we challenge ourselves.


Sleeping might be difficult when you are anxious but it is only worsened by lack of sleep.  Your brain needs proper down time to process thoughts and events.  Your brain needs to be able to shut down every day.

Happy thoughts

Make a conscious effort to be as positive as you can be.  Refrain from criticizing yourself.  Remind yourself of your good qualities every time you are being too hard on yourself.

Get a Cheerleader

Ask someone to go on your journey to recovery with you.  That person is someone who would be willing to support and encourage you as much as you need it.

Write it down

Keeping a diary is a safe and therapeutic way of helping you process thoughts and ideas.