Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Tips For Popping The Question

Are you ready to pop the question? Finding the perfect way to ask those four little life-changing words, can be a real challenge. You most probably want to make your proposal big – something that she will remember for years to come, but don’t forget also to make it personal.

Getting down on one knee might be full of pressure – it’s natural that you want to get it right, but it doesn’t have to be too stressful. To help you ensure that you nail your proposal, here are 12 handy tips:


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  1. Pick the perfect ring

The first thing that you need to do is pick the perfect ring. As any man who has gone engagement ring hunting will tell you, shopping for love rings is far from easy. To make it easier for yourself, study your partner’s jewellery to get an idea of the style that she likes. Is she a lover of modern pieces or does she prefer jewellery that’s vintage-inspired?

  1. Select an incredible location

Once you’ve chosen the ring, the next step is to pick the perfect location for your proposal. Ideally, where you propose should be is somewhere that is sentimental to the two of you. For instance, this could be the restaurant where you had your first date or the beach where you first said, ‘I love you’. Think outside the box and choose the perfect spot.

  1. Include her nearest and dearest

To make the moment extra special, consider including your and her nearest and dearest. They can be actively involved in the proposal or hidden just around the corner so that the two of you can have an intimate moment.

  1. Hire a photographer

Want to capture this momentous moment on camera? Why not hire a professional photographer to take pictures of you? Hire someone who is experienced with proposal shoots. So that they know how to keep out of sight and get the most incredible shot.

  1. Play your song

If the two of you have a song that is special to you, consider having it playing while you pop the question. If you want to make your proposal unforgettable, playing your song is the perfect way to do this.

  1. Give her flowers

To make the moment even more romantic, get a bunch of her favourite flowers made up.  To make this gesture extra special, why not arrange to have one flower in the bouquet for every month you’ve known and loved her?

  1. Ask her at the start of the night

Often, when men propose, they make the mistake of waiting all night to pop the question. If, however, you want to enjoy your night, ask her earlier in the evening. That way, you can get all your nervousness out the way, and enjoy a memorable night together.

  1. Tell her what you love about her

Don’t just ask her to marry you, first tell her what you love about her. Speak from the heart and tell her what it is that made you fall in love with her, and how and when you knew she was the one. As well as talking about when you first fell for her, tell her your hopes and dreams for the future. (This cute little touch will make your proposal even more memorable.)

  1. Ask her family for her hand

Before you propose, ask her family for their blessing. While this can be seen as an old-fashioned act, it’s a gesture that your partner will love. Asking her family for their blessing shows her how much your respect and love them.

  1. Make her dreams come true

The chances are that she’s been dreaming about how she would be proposed to since she was a little girl. Find out what her dream proposal would be and make it come true.

  1. Pop the question at home

If she isn’t one for being the centre of attention, instead of asking her to marry you somewhere public, ask her at home. It might not be as elegant as proposing in a fancy restaurant, but there’s something special about being at home. Add some romance by lighting candles, dotting flowers around and chilling a bottle of her favourite champagne.

  1. Show her your emotions

Don’t hide how emotional you feel when asking for her hand in marriage, show her your feelings. You might not be a crier, but that doesn’t mean that you should hide your watery eyes from her.

For an amazing proposal, stick to these 12 simple tips.