Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Tips For Guys On A First Date

As a man, it is easy to think you shouldn’t try too hard on a first date. Never make this mistake! First impressions are absolutely everything. Experts have even said that a girl on a date makes her mind up about the man she is meeting in the first three minutes! This is why it is important to get it right first time. Here are 12 tips to ensure you nail that first impression on your date.

  1. Offer To Drive

This needs to happen before the date. When you arrange where to go, offer to pick her up on the way. She will be flattered, and relieved she won’t have to turn up in her driving shoes. Not to mention quietly pleased that she can have a glass of wine!



  1. Smile

It’s such a simple thing, but smiling can really make the difference. This small gesture will reassure her that you are happy to be there enjoying some time alone together. You might even get one back!

  1. Smell Great

Spritzing a little aftershave is only going to do you good favours! Smelling great is very attractive to women, so make sure you don’t miss this trick, even if it’s only a cheaper brand.

  1. Dress Smart

This is so important! Mens jackets can make any outfit look great, so pair a new one with a shirt and jeans to impress your lady without looking like you tried too hard.

  1. Look Well Groomed

Be sure to leave time to have a shave before you go, a woman will be really disappointed if it looks like you haven’t tried for her. Search Google for a style that best suits you.

  1. Clean Up

Do not cut corners just because you finished work late and have a shower! Also, make sure your shoes are sparkling. It sounds mad, but a lot of women use shoes to judge how much pride you take in your appearance.

  1. Bring A Small Gift

By this is I definitely don’t mean a Tiffany ring or anything extravagant like that. Just a little something to show you thought about her before you walked in. Even if it is a stray flower that was growing outside! (Who cares if it’s corny).

  1. Pay A Compliment

A small compliment will do wonders for a girl’s self-esteem, and in turn will improve your night. Don’t be over the top or too poetic, just complimenting her on her choice of dress will do the job.  

  1. Ask Questions

Be attentive. Everyone loves to be listened to, so let the lady take the spotlight. Ask her how her day was, what food she likes, anything that comes to mind!

  1. Be Subtle

Do not try too hard, as this can be so off-putting. A simple brush of her hand as you walk together is quite enough, no need for grand gestures on the first date!

  1. Be A Gentleman

Small things like pulling her chair out at the table will give you the edge. Take her jacket, hold the door open, prove that chivalry still exists.



  1. Keep Your Mobile Away

Somebody playing on their phone is possibly the most off-putting thing that anybody can do on a first date. It looks like they don’t want to be there and is just plain rude. Keep it away, even if you are only checking the time.

That’s everything! Stick to these 12 tips and you will be in a shot of bagging that second date. Good Luck!