Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Tips For Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery


Being pregnant can be a bit of a drag, with plenty of uncomfortable moments, anxiety and heartburn. Decorating your new baby’s nursery is one of the few fun activities you can take part in while awaiting their arrival. There’s nothing more thrilling than creating a bedroom for your baby, and there are tons of ways to make the process easier and stress-free. Here are a few simple tips to help you get inspired to start decorating.


  1. Incorporate your style. If your home already has a particular design aesthetic, try to incorporate this look into your nursery décor. If the room looks out of place with the rest of the house or doesn’t reflect your own particular tastes then you may get sick of it after the first few months. Have a look at the other rooms and then bring this atmosphere into the baby’s space.
  2. Don’t leave it too late. Some mothers-to-be put off decorating their nursery until fairly late in their pregnancy. Leaving it too late can cause several issues- you will find it more difficult to paint, climb on ladders and generally be on your feet as the third trimester progresses, and more importantly, the health of your baby can be threatened by paint and chemical fumes. Aim to decorate in the second trimester when you’re still full of energy and the room has time to air out.
  3. Select the furniture first. Picking your cot will be more important than picking the colour of the walls, so find your furniture and then decorate the room to match these pieces. You won’t want to have to sacrifice a cot you love just because it’s doesn’t quite match the nursery you’ve already decorated.
  4. Arrange furniture carefully. Keep safety at the front of your mind when arranging your nursery furniture. The cot should be away from anything that could be a danger- this includes windows, radiators and cords.
  5. Keep it temporary. Although painting murals and designs on your wall can be lovely, they may not age with the baby as well as you had hoped. Stick-on wall decals can be a great temporary solution that you’ll be able to replace once your baby becomes a toddler with his own favourite characters and themes.
  6. Opt for soothing shades. Bright colours may be fun and cute, but they won’t create the calming atmosphere that you’ll want for a newborn baby. Pick relaxing shades and don’t create too much excitement in the room- you can add in extra decorations once your baby is older and more able to handle lots of visual stimulation.
  7. Don’t over-clutter. In all the excitement of having your baby, it can be easy to go over-board and by a million different toys for the nursery. This will clutter up the space, so keep things clear and open until your baby is bigger. They won’t play with any toys for the first few months anyway.
  8. Look for inspiration. Stuck for ideas of how to decorate the nursery? Look in baby magazines and online for inspiration- there are plenty of photos out there of other people’s hard work that can provide a great source for creativity.
  9. Spread out the job. Don’t aim to tackle the whole nursery in just one or two days. Painting, wallpapering and arranging furniture are all pretty time-consuming tasks, especially when you’re pregnant, so give yourself weekends spaced out over a few weeks to deal with individual jobs.
  10. Think about location. A small baby needs plenty of attention in the night, so if you’re planning on having the baby sleep in the nursery in the early stages then you’ll need to plan on the room being close by. Swap your rooms around if needs be and make sure that the room is close enough for you to stumble in quickly at 3 AM.
  11. Ask for help. If you’re feeling tired or sore and are finding the task of decorating a little overwhelming, round up some friends and family members to get together and help out.
  12. Think about lighting. Windows and light are great for the daytime, but you may want to consider whether or not the room will be dark enough once bedtime rolls round. If the room lets in a lot of light then think about investing in blackout blinds to ensure that your baby gets a good night’s sleep.