Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Tips For A Successful Job Hunt

In modern America, where unemployment stands at 10.9 million, hunting for a job has become a job in itself. The hours spent searching for vacancies and opportunities spread far beyond the 
normal business day but the paycheck at the end is always less than lousy.  So, how to make sure your job hunt brings home the bacon?

Update your CV. It might be your first point of contact with an employer. Make it relevant to make it count. Couple this with a great cover letter.

Search online through classifieds on Craigslist to vacancies advertised on Find websites advertising positions relevant to you.

Go to the source and browse corporate websites for vacancies at companies you’d like to work for.

Network like crazy because the old adage “it’s not what you know but who you know” still rings true.

Think differently. Don’t look at HR and admin positions as dull or limited; they might be the stepping-stone to a lengthy, fulfilling career.

Clean up your social media profile. 92% of employers google potential candidates. Make sure your Facebook page presents you as a professional employee, not a professional partygoer.

Exploit social media to your advantage and make connections through twitter and LinkedIn.

Avoid scams. Nobody is going to pay you $7000 a day to surf the Internet. Skip right over any adverts promising something similar.

Be realistic. Do you have the right skills for the job? Are you prepared to move from NYC to Louisville? If not, don’t waste your time applying.

Prepare thoroughly for every interview you attend.

Follow up on your applications with an email or phone call a few days later.

Accept rejection as a chance to improve by asking for constructive criticism and feedback.