Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Things You Should Know About Where You Work


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You spend most of your day there. You may have met the love of your life there. Your best friend might also be your office buddy. But how much do you really know about where you work. Here are some things you should know about a place you spend most of your day.

  1. Safe

Are you working in a safe environment? This includes using the proper equipment and the building. How old is the building you are working in? Could it have Asbestos and might you have come into contact with it? If you think you could have, you may want to speak to a law firm like Shrader & Associates. They could help you but ultimately you want to know you are safe at work.

  2) Escape

You should know how to get out of your work in the event of an emergency. If you do not, you should take the time now to locate your nearest exit. You should also speak to someone about where to go after you leave.

 3) Moods

As silly as it sounds being able to recognise if someone is in a bad mood can help you a lot. For instance, if your boss is having a bad day it is not the right time to ask them for a pay raise. Common signs include: repeatedly sighing, avoiding eye contact and slight errors in speech.

  4) Loos

You may not like going in public but you should always know where the nearest one is. In case of emergency, it is better not to stop and have to ask for directions.

5) Birthdays

You should know when to wish someone happy birthday. Otherwise, it can get a little awkward. If it comes up in conversation jot it down in your notebook. It will make your colleague, someone you rely on, feel good when you remember. You will also know if and when to buy them a gift.

6) Beliefs

Take the time to understand your co workers beliefs. You will find it easier to respect them and make sure you are not standing on any politically correct toes. You should make sure people you work with feel comfortable about celebrating festive holidays.

7) Pet Peeves

Remember you are spending all day with the people you work with. Find out what annoys them and avoid doing it. This may include eating with your mouth open or rustling crisp packets. If you are considerate to them, they will be considerate to you.

 8) Problems

Some of your coworkers may have issues they are dealing with, and it is best to know. For instance, if a colleague is autistic they are probably not the best person to send to greet a new client. If jane is claustrophobic, you may want to think twice before riding in a lift with her.

 9) Weaknesses

This one sounds worse than it is. But if you know the weaknesses of the person you work for, you can exploit them. For instance, if you know someone desperately wants time off you can gain an I Owe You by taking the bullet for them.

 10) Play

Getting to know what your colleagues love to do outside of work, will benefit you in the same way. But who knows, you may also find a brand new friend or soulmate?

  11) Pay

You should understand how much you are being paid. If it is less than other companies are offering for the same work it may be time to think about making a switch.

  12) Holiday

Finally, know when your holidays are. That way you can look forward to them. It will make the work day faster and seem more rewarding.