Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Things You Need to Start a Successful Plumbing Business

More and more people are deciding to become self-employed and start up their own businesses. You can work for yourself in almost any industry, but some sectors make it easier than others. Becoming an independent plumber is a popular choice for people who already have experience in the field. If you’re thinking about creating a plumbing business, don’t forget these 12 things that you need to get you started.



  1. Plumbing Qualifications

Plumbers don’t have to have a degree, but they do need to take courses relating to plumbing in high school. You also need to undertake an apprenticeship to gain training and experience.

  1. Plumbing Experience

Taking an apprenticeship will help to start you off on your career, but you probably won’t be ready to open a business right away. Get a few years of experience under your belt first.

  1. Business Smarts

You also need to have some business sense to get started. You’ll need to learn how to handle your finances, including how to quote a plumbing job and invoice your clients.

  1. An Office

Although you might be working in people’s houses a lot unless you high staff to do the labor, you need somewhere from which to run your business. Just a small home office is adequate.

  1. The Correct Tax Status

Make sure you’re complying with the law for your taxes. You need a tax registration certificate, and you’ll need an employer tax number if you want to take on employees.

  1. License and Registration

You need to register your business and obtain the correct licenses for your state. You also need to have a personal license to practice plumbing, which usually requires passing the journeyman examination.

  1. Money for Startup Costs

You might choose to start up from scratch, or you might buy into a franchise. Either way, you’re going to need some money to get you going, for tools, advertising, and other expenses.

  1. Tools

If you don’t already own your tools, you’re going to have to buy some. This includes a mode of transport, such as a van or truck, to help you get around and reach your clients.

  1. Contacts

When you’re out on your own, you need to find your own clients. Building a list of contacts will help you start bringing in money, as well as give you people to go to for advice.

  1. A Website

You should start advertising as soon as you can to get the word out about your business. As well as having a slick website, you can take out ads in local papers and use other advertising methods.

  1. Insurance

Everyone needs to protect themselves when they run a business, and plumbers are no different. Look into getting insurance to cover occupational risks, from injury to mistakes.

  1. Interpersonal and Communication Skills

You might be an excellent plumber, but you won’t get anywhere if you can’t build relationships with clients and suppliers. You need to have top-notch communication skills so you can construct your business.