Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Things You Need To Become A Great Doctor

Many of us grow up dreaming of becoming a doctor. It’s a well-respected job, with a great salary. You’ll spend your day helping those in need, saving lives, and providing expert care. If you have a deep need to help the people around you, a career in medicine might just be perfect for you. Of course, it’s no easy ride. There are a lot of qualifications to get through, and plenty of personal skills needed. Here are the 12 essential things you need to become a doctor.

  1. A degree – Quite simply, you can’t become a doctor and practice medicine without a degree. It all starts at college with a foundation course in all medicine and biology. Following that, you’ll attend medical school, and start to learn on the job.
  1. Training – As part of the medical school, you’ll start attending a teaching hospital. This is real life training on patients in life-and-death scenarios. It really is like jumping in at the deep end! Get through this, and you can handle anything.
  1. Intelligence – It goes without saying, you need a lot of intelligence to become a successful doctor. You need a head for numbers and excellent writing skills just to master the basics. From there, it’s a long road of learning everything there is to know about the body.
  1. A head for science – More specifically, you need a detailed knowledge of science. You’ll need to learn the complex systems within the human body. You’ll also need a sharp understanding of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and medicine itself.
  1. Scrubs – Embracing life as a doctor means getting used to the uniform. That means blue or green scrubs every single day. You’ll also need a comfortable pair of trainers, and plenty of Kimberly Clark nitrile gloves.
  1. Patience – No, not patients (though you’ll also need plenty of them!) Patience is a huge personal skill required by caregivers. You need to understand your patient’s needs, and act with patience and kindness.
  1. Empathy – On top of that, you need a degree of empathy. This proves to patients that you understand how scared and nervous they are. Your empathy will help calm them, and educate them about the procedures.
  1. Fitness – Doctors work in very intense shift patterns. It’s not unusual to work a 20 hour day on some occasions. That requires a lot of stamina and fitness, so keep yourself healthy! You’ll be on your feet all day, and you’ll often find yourself racing between patients.
  1. Communication skills – It’s crucial that you learn to develop your communication skills. You need to explain to patients exactly what is wrong and what the procedures and treatments involve. You’ll also need to communicate with scared parents and hospital board members alike.
  1. Attention to detail – When diagnosing patients or operating on a human body, every tiny detail is important. You need to learn to take impeccable care and attention.
  1. Problem solving skills – Diagnosing patients is all about solving problems. The very best have a natural ability to choose the right path, and stick to it.
  1. Passion – Most important of all, you need sheer dedication and passion to caregiving. Remember, you’re working long hours, in an emotional environment. If you’re not passionate about what you do, you’ll find it very difficult.

That’s all folks! Do you have all the skills to become a great doctor?


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