Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Things To Remember In A Job Interview


However old or experienced we may be, the prospect of interviews for a new job or promotion can leave us riddled with nerves and self-doubt. There’s no way of knowing exactly what we’ll be asked but there are certain things we can do –other than polishing our shoes and giving firm handshakes to make sure the interview goes our way.


Find out all you can about the company and position by looking online and talking to contacts, preferably on the inside.

Sell yourself

Because nobody else will! Don’t make false claims but make sure you highlight ALL your strengths during the interview.

Create sound bites

These are short phrases you want to say in the interview because they draw attention to your strengths, such as “I’ve designed logos for Fortune 500 companies”.

Use the STAR method

When answering questions, remember to cover:
S: Situation you found yourself in
T: Task you faced
A: Action you took
R: Result you achieved

Coordinate your online profile 

An interviewer has probably googled you before you meet. Make sure your online profile doesn’t contradict or undermine your “real” self.

Bring copies of your resume

This helps the interviewer and you.

Remember names

And use them when addressing your interviewers to create open communication and an impression of confidence.

Ignorance is bliss

If you don’t know something, admit that. Rather than lie, express your interest in learning more.


Don’t bring this topic up until they do, but know what you want.

Interview them

Prepare three good questions to ask, such as, “How are employees assessed?” or, “Can you outline a typical project I might work on?”

Say Thanks

Send a follow up email thanking the interviewer for their consideration.


You’re doing your best.