Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Things To Avoid On A First Date


First impressions are important when it comes to relationships, which means that the initial meet will gauge the future and getting to date number two.

There are a few things that you need to avoid on a first date. Stick to these and date two won’t be too far away.

1. Do not get your cellphone out. You can expect silences on your first date because it’s new, but don’t take your phone out as it portrays the message that you want to be talking to someone else rather than getting to know your date.

2. What you choose to wear creates that first impression, so guys, don’t wear inappropriate shirts or sweat pants and girls, don’t look like you are already ready for the bedroom. If you wouldn’t wear it to work then don’t wear it on a first date.

3. Keep the alcohol down to one or two drinks. Drunk on your first date is not the best and will create a poor impression of you. Stay in control and limit your drinks.

4. Avoid talking about your ex as your date doesn’t want to hear it and they may feel that you still have an attachment to your ex.

5. Your date does not want to hear you complain about your life or about other people.

6. As it’s a first date you shouldn’t be over keen and say things that will most likely scare your date off. If you immediately get clingy then your date will think you’re nuts and you won’t see them again.

7. There are some bodily actions you should avoid on a first date because you’re trying to make a good impression. These actions include:

  • Picking your teeth

  • Cleaning your nails

  • Licking your fingers and

  • Burping

8. You’re on a date so don’t flirt or look at others. Your date will not like this, so keep your attention on your date and engage with them.

9. Never assume that your date is going to pick up the bill. If they insist on paying then great but don’t expect this. Going half-half nowadays is more popular.

10. Dining is usually the best choice for a first date and studies have shown that how much you tip is more important than how expensive the restaurant is. Your date will notice when you leave a good tip and it will make you appear generous.

11. Do not bring a friend along on the date. It’s a date after all, so it’s all about one on one time.

12. A good sense of humor is important but on your first date, but watch what it is you are joking about- you may end up offending your date because you don’t know them that well.