Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Things No One Tells You About Being a Nurse

Nursing is by no means an easy profession. You may not have to study as long as doctors do, but it’s a job that still requires enormous amounts of work. Every day can bring new challenges, and you need the ability to think on your feet (as well as stand on them for a long time). But there are some things you don’t learn about being a nurse until you are one.


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  1. Doctors can be horrible

You might think that arrogant and rude doctors on medical dramas are a cliche, but they do exist. While you might work with some excellent doctors, you also have to put up with the occasional jerk.

  1. It’s hard work

Of course it’s hard work, you might think. But for some people, it’s not obvious just how much effort you need to put in. This job requires constant thinking and alertness.

  1. You need excellent computer skills

Almost every job nowadays involves some computer use. It’s no different for nurses, who need to check and update patient records, among other things. Be prepared to perform admin.

  1. You’re always learning

You don’t finish nursing school, and then that’s it. Any medical profession needs constant education to stay up to date with the latest research. Don’t become a nurse if you don’t love to learn.

  1. Comfortable shoes are a must

Nurses can spend all day on their feet. You’re lucky if you get to sit down for lunch or grab a chair at the nurse’s station. Your shoes should so comfortable that you need to buy them from a specialist.

  1. You’ll get through a lot of scrubs

As a nurse, you’ll own a closet full of Jockey scrubs, and not one set of the will be free of stains. You need to change more often than a new parent.

  1. Nurses don’t have to care for patients

Once you have a nursing degree, you don’t have to go into patient care. There are other roles available, from consulting to medical sales.

  1. It can be an emotional job

Nurses need to be prepared to run a gamut of emotions on any given day. You can feel happy, sad, angry and excited all within minutes of each other.

  1. You can work in a range of settings

People often think of ER nurses when they consider the profession, thanks to many medical dramas. But you could work in a private clinic, hospital ward, nursing home, and more.

  1. People will ask for free diagnoses

Your friends, family, and even complete strangers who see you in your uniform will ask you about that strange rash they’ve noticed. You’ll tell them to see their doctor.

  1. You won’t be able to resist diagnosing people

At the same time, nurses often find themselves diagnosing complete strangers in their heads. Which is fine, as long as you don’t start handing out diagnoses.

  1. It’s incredibly rewarding

This one may sound like a cliche, but it’s also true. Many nurses stick with this challenging profession simply because, at the end of the day, it’s so rewarding in many ways.

If you’re considering becoming a nurse, perhaps this list has put you off. Or maybe it’s helped you realize that it’s what you want to do, in spite of the difficulties.