Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Strategies for Healthier Staff


Dr. Abdullah Nasser

Keeping employees healthy is becoming increasingly important for a large number of companies. Healthier staff usually means happier people too, and employees who are happy will work harder and more productively. You want your staff to care about the company, and one of the best ways to ensure they do is to show you can about them. Help your workers to improve their health, and their job performance could start to rise too. Try implementing some of these methods to create happier and healthier team members.

Employee Wellness Programs

Many companies are now choosing to install wellness programs to help their staff deal with personal problems. They offer services ranging from help with weight loss to counseling.

On-site Exercise Classes

If you have space that you can use, it’s easy to bring in someone who can teach workout classes. Yoga is a popular discipline that can be learned without needing any specialist equipment.

On-site Massages

Another thing you can offer on-site is the services of a massage therapist. Stress relief is just as important as physical health, and sitting at a desk all day can result in tension and poor posture.

Healthy Snacks and Drinks

Providing healthy food and beverages gives your employees health-conscious options on their breaks. You can try using a water delivery service and fill vending machines with cereal bars and fruit.

Free Gym Memberships

You don’t need to have a gym on-site to encourage your staff to use one. Offer to reimburse their gym membership to make going easier.

Work Sports Clubs and Teams

Health improvement initiatives don’t have to take place during work time. You can form office sports teams or start clubs for walking or running at lunchtimes or outside of working hours.

Stress-relieving Fun

Everyone needs to take a break now and then, and they don’t want to spend their time staring at the wall. Provide fun things to do during breaks so they can relax.

Flexible Holidays

Some companies are starting to offer more flexible holidays. It can be useful to let your staff take responsibility for when they take time off.

Supportive Sick Leave

No one wants to be ill at home, feeling like they’re being badgered into coming to work. Letting people have the time off they need to recover is essential to everyone’s health.

Health and Safety Policy

To keep your employees healthy and safe at work, you should have a robust health and safety policy. Staff should be trained in staying safe in the workplace environment.

Standing Desks

Sitting down all down can be bad for the back. Another option is standing desks, which could also help to increase creativity.

Annual Physicals

As part of a wellness program, you could offer annual examinations. Anyone with health problems can receive support from doctors and health professionals.

There are lots of ways you can help to care for your staff’s mental and physical health. You need to find the ones that work for your company. It’s important to make sure your employees don’t feel pressured or penalized, so make health initiatives useful and fun.