Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Signs That Your Partner is Cheating on You

This can be one of the most burning questions on a girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s lips. Is my partner cheating on me? You’ve noticed a change or two in their behaviour. Something doesn’t feel right. You deserve to know what’s going on! If you notice all of these 12 signs, it doesn’t look good for your relationship. However, you should bear in mind that cheating may still not be the answer. The only way to get a definite answer is to obtain solid proof or get a confession out of your partner. Read on to learn more…

  1. They Accuse You of Cheating on Them

If somebody is cheating, you’ll often find that they accuse their other half of cheating on them instead. They do this to make the other person feel guilty, as if they’ve been acting differently. This can be strange, especially if you both know there’s no way you could have cheated on your partner. It can help to take the focus off them in this kind of situation, or so they feel.

  1. They are Secretive

Has your partner suddenly became more secretive? Perhaps they sleep with their phone underneath their pillowcase, or disappear for ages to speak on the phone. Sudden, strange behaviour like this could point to an affair.

  1. They Seem to Start Fights for No Reason

Do you feel as if your partner always wants to pick a fight with you? If so, it could be distract away from their strange behaviour. They may not even know that they’re doing it.

  1. Their Body Language Points Towards a Lie

Watch their body language closely when you interact with them. Something as small as their eye movements can point to a lie. Ask them a question and see if you can work out what’s going on with their eyes. Bear in mind that watching the eyes isn’t always 100% accurate. If you notice a strange eye movement, it doesn’t mean they’re definitely telling lies with eyes! If you’re not a professional body language reader, you shouldn’t rely solely on being able to know the truth this way.

  1. They Begin Dressing Differently

Your partner has always dressed in the same old predictable way, now suddenly they’ve changed up their style. Why? Perhaps their bit on the side likes this way of dressing better? Keep an eye on their wardrobe and see if they can explain why they like dressing this way now. Don’t prod too much; ask questions that don’t sound accusing to see if they give you a straight answer. They may have just got bored with their regular style.

  1. They Don’t Think Cheating or Affairs are a Big Deal

Perhaps you’ve mentioned a couple where one of them was cheating. Does your partner seem to give the impression that it’s no big deal? Perhaps they even seem like they’re defending the cheater? If so, this could be to avoid condemning themselves. If they were to agree that this kind of behaviour was scandalous and unacceptable, they’d be seriously in trouble if you ever found out about them.

  1. You’ve Heard Rumours

The rumour mill can be dangerous, and most of the time it’s best to ignore it. However, if you’ve heard rumours along with other signs, it doesn’t look good. The exchange your other half had with somebody in a club, for instance, may have been totally innocent, and other people may simply be stirring the pot. Bear that in mind. However, if you already had suspicions, this could be proof. Pay close attention to where the rumours are coming from to work out whether you can trust them or not. If it’s people you are close with and trust, you should probably listen.

  1. They Don’t Want Sex

If your partner has always had a low libido, then you shouldn’t worry. But, if your partner suddenly doesn’t seem to want to touch you at all, this could be a sign they’re getting it somewhere else. However, it can also be a sign of something else going on in their lives. They may be stressed about a job, or it may be that they’ve reached a certain age. There can be all kinds of reasons for not wanting to ‘do it’ as frequently anymore.


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  1. They Stop Confiding in You and Asking for Advice

If your partner once used you regularly as their agony aunt but they no longer ask you for advice or confide in you, your relationship could be in trouble. They may be asking somebody else for advice and confiding in them. Try asking them questions about their day to get them to open up.

  1. Bills that Can’t Be Explained

Have you noticed bills and outgoing payments that can’t be explained? This could be dinner with their lover, or hotel stays. Ask for an explanation and see if what they tell you adds up.

  1. They’ve Started Criticizing You

Perhaps your partner has started criticizing you. They may be overly critical of things you say and do, when they never have before. This could be a sign they’re seeing somebody else. This may help them to feel better about the whole situation; a sort of coping mechanism.

  1. They Won’t Accept Your Loving Behaviour

If you try to kiss and cuddle your partner with no response, it could be a sign that they are getting love somewhere else. They may also feel very guilty for accepting this kind of affection from you when they are seeing someone else. They might make excuses, telling you that they aren’t into that (although they have been in the past).

The fact that you’re reading this post in the first place suggests that you may have something to worry about. However, it may not be that your partner is cheating at all. They may be acting strangely because they’ve started losing their hair, for instance. This can seem silly to some, but to them it can be the driving force behind a full on midlife crisis.

The best thing to do is to try to speak to them at a good time. Try not to use accusatory language, as this will make them go on the defensive, and you’ll never get the answers you’re looking for. Good luck!