Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Signs That Your Partner Could Be Lying to You

We all tell lies sometimes, whether they’re little white lies or something more damaging. But no one wants to find out that their partner is lying to them, even if it’s about something that’s not a big deal. It can be worrying to think that they’re not telling the truth about small things because it feels like it could easily lead to bigger lies. If you suspect that your partner is lying to you, there are lots of ways you can catch them out.



Use the ultimate test

If you’re almost sure your partner is telling a significant lie, you can try using relationship investigators. This option may be a last resort, but it could help you uncover cheating and more.

Watch their body language

The way we move when we’re talking or just in someone else’s presence can give away a lot. A couple of obvious signs to look for are whether they’re facing you and if they keep covering parts of their face.

Look out for inconsistencies

When they answer your questions or tell you about their day, listen for anything that doesn’t add up. Maybe yesterday they were going out with friends, but it’s changed to staying late at the office.

Check up on them

If your partner has told you they’re going to be somewhere, you can check up on them to make sure it’s true. Make a phone call to a friend they say they’re with or drop in on them unexpectedly.

Listen to their speech patterns

Listening to the speed at which they speak can help. Sometimes a liar will slow down while they think, but blurt it out all at once when they’ve settled on a story.

Catch verbal slips

Watch out for them stumbling over their words, doing things such as starting a sentence again.

You’re not sure what’s what anymore

Sometimes when people lie to you a lot, they can make you question what’s real and what isn’t. They lie with such conviction that you can start to doubt yourself. Look out for negation of things that you’re certain are true.

They’re evasive

Avoiding the truth is part of lying too. If they refuse to confront the issue, it could be a significant sign of something to hide.

Their behavior has changed

You should know how your partner usually behaves. Changes in their normal behavior could indicate that they have secrets.

Ask careful questions

Ask your questions carefully when you confront them. One useful technique is to find some evidence of lying first, and then ask directly about it.

Watch their face

Even tiny flickers of expressions can give a lot away. One of the things to look for is a smugness that says they just got away with something.

Look into their eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul, and they can also give vital clues. If your partner won’t make eye contact, stares past you or looks away a lot, it could be a clue that they’re lying.

Remember that many of these signs can be misread or misinterpreted. You should always tread carefully if you think your partner might be lying, so you don’t falsely accuse them.