Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Romantic Wedding Reception Ideas

Heart shaped biscuits, pretty pink cocktails and candles on each table – we have found 12 fantastic ways to make your wedding even more romantic.


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Your wedding should be the most romantic day of your life. But, how can you share the feeling so that your guests can enjoy a little bit of romance too? It is all to do with the small things – carefully selected decorations, music and food and drink can have a significant impact.

  1. Set the mood

Set the romantic mood right from when your guests walk in. The first thing, your guests will see, will  be the name card table, where all the name cards and seating arrangement details are kept. To add a little romance, you could sprinkle rose petals and dust glitter around the name cards.

  1. Make the reception entrance unforgettable

Decorate the entrance into your reception in a stunning manner. Fill the hallway with decorations, candles and flowers – the more romantic, the better.

Alternatively, if you have an outdoor wedding. Add a touch of class by handing out pastel coloured, 1950s-style parasols.

If you can’t find a venue that is romantic enough in your area, have a look for romantic wedding venues for denver weddings.

  1.  Make the guest book fun

Instead of just asking your guests to write a general comment, get creative.

You could ask your guests to write down their best tip for a happy marriage or perhaps their favourite date night ideas. By getting your guests thinking about their relationships, you will remind them of their own romantic occasions.

  1. Have your own table

Instead of eating at a table with everyone else, you and your new husband / wife could sit at a date style table to eat. Not only is this super romantic, it will also give you the feel of being on an intimate date.

  1. Write love letters

Before your big day, sit down and write three or four love notes for your new husband or wife. Throughout the night, have them delivered to your partner for everyone to see.

  1. Have some alone time

After the dinner and speeches, sneak away with your significant other for some alone time. For an added romantic touch, ask your caterer in advance to provide you and your partner with a bottle of champagne and some strawberries to enjoy together.

  1. Fill the reception room with candles

One of the easiest ways to bring romance to a room is by lighting. Fill the reception or ballroom with tea light in tinted glass jars. Ask for all the lights to be turned off and the reception to take place by candlelight.

  1. Serve aphrodisiacs

Have your caterers serve foods that have aphrodisiac qualities, such as oysters and lobster.

  1. Drink pink cocktails

Add some romance to your cocktails by colouring them pink. Mixing Champagne with creme de cassis makes a Kir Royale – a pale pink coloured, champagne cocktail, perfect for weddings.

For an added touch of romance, ask your caterers or bar staff to serve the cocktails in heart shaped cocktail glasses.

  1. Have heart shaped biscuits

When the coffee is served, ask for it to be served with heart shaped shortbread biscuits or biscottis. You can talk to your caterer about organising this.

  1. Fill your reception hall with pretty scents

Use room diffusers and perfume sprayers to lightly fill your reception room with beautiful scents.

If you don’t have a favourite scent, opt for rose water – roses have the ultimate romantic scent.

  1. Play love songs

Have your first dance while listening to one of the world’s greatest love songs. Not only will this make your first dance special for you, it may also bring back some fond first dance memories for your guests.