Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Reasons To Fall In Love With Horses

Horses are majestic, impressive animals. Some of us think they’re beautiful, some of us are a little scared. We believe that everyone should try horse riding at one point in their life.

  1. They are incredibly loving animals

Just because an animal is large doesn’t mean it can’t love you the same way a cat or dog does! Many horse owners and regular riders will find that over time, horses become aware of you. It’s quite an experience to have a horse come to you when you call out to him!

  1. It’s not as expensive as you think



Sometimes when we talk about horse-riding, people assume that it’s just too expensive for them to try. There is always horse tack for sale at reasonable prices. For those of us that aren’t in the know, that horse tack includes things such as saddles, stirrups and more.

  1. Horses are intelligent beasts

Horses are very smart animals. They can pick up on human body language so quickly! As they are animals who are usually prey, they also have incredible reactions. If a horse feels attacked or scared, they can respond in a flash

  1. Horses can be calming

Some people find that being around horses makes them feel relaxed. If you’re feeling stressed from life and work, give it ago. The overall experience from meeting the horses to riding is almost like going to a spa!

  1. Horses are fun

They may not be as small and excitable as dogs, but horses can be just as much fun! Let your imagination run free when you ride. The great thing about horse riding is that you can explore areas, especially in the countryside. Getting out and about in the countryside will open up your eyes to many new things.

  1. They can improve our health

A study found that recently people that spend more time with horses can feel much healthier. They can make us feel physically better and even help with mental health problems such as anxiety!

  1. They encourage exercise



As we mentioned, horses can make you feel healthier and more alive. A substantial reason for feeling more fit is as tasks such as mucking out the stables can provide us with light exercise. The maintenance and upkeep of horses are great for getting you moving.

  1. They are inspiring creatures

Horses often make us think of fairytales and old stories. There’s something that is so inspiring about this gorgeous animal. Spending a little time with these animals could inspire you to write the next best-selling novel. Or even create an incredible piece of art!

  1. Horses help you rediscover nature

Because horse riding encourages you to get out into the open, it’s easy to get back to nature. The more time you spend out riding, the more you’ll notice the wildlife around you. If you feel you lack fresh air lately, it’s the perfect activity to do!

  1. They can help you meet new people

If you join a horse riding school or take lessons, you will meet plenty of new people. Joining any new class is an excellent way to make friends in your community. You’ll meet like minded people who love horses too!

  1. Horses can make you feel free

There’s a certain sense of freedom many of us will experience while horse riding. The wind in your hair and being out with an incredible creature can do that to you!

  1. Horse riding can be romantic

Lastly, if you share your horse riding experience with a partner, it can be a wonderful and romantic time. There’s something about these creatures that make us think of sunsets and walks along the beach!