Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Positive Ways To Improve Your Self Esteem


Dress well

Take pride in your appearance and personal hygiene and you’ll feel great about yourself.

Compliment others

Offer sincere compliments to others, you’ll become well liked and this will build your self-esteem.

Keep fit

Having a regular exercise routine will increase your physical fitness and improve the way you look, boosting your confidence.


Go to a book launch or free music show, meet some other people and make new friends. Set up a lunch date with a friend or cousin and catch up.

Get out of your comfort zone

Do something that you never thought you would do, once you’ve done it your self confidence will soar.
Help others
Volunteer at a charity or soup kitchen to help those less fortunate than you- you will feel good about making a small difference in someone else’s life.

Don’t compare

Stop comparing yourself to others, don’t think just because you’re the same age or went to same college as someone that you should be where they’re at, you have your own individual path to light up.

Nix negative thoughts

Stop negative self-talk in its tracks and replace it with more positive statements about yourself. This gets easier the more you do it.

Be kind to others

Acts of kindness are mutually beneficial, they make the other person feel valued and they make you feel good.

Slow down

Speak slowly when speaking to others, it shows confidence in what you are saying and it shows that you have confidence in yourself.

Set small goals

Set yourself small, attainable goals and celebrate when you achieve them, this will make you feel capable and reliable.


When we feel low we often show it all over our faces, so smile instead and pretty soon you won’t need to remind yourself to do it.