Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Packing Tips To Start Your Vacation Stress-Free

Getting everything packed up and ready to go before your big vacation can be a huge nightmare, leaving you frazzled and highly strung. Here are some tips to help you get your vacation off to a good start, setting the tone for the rest of your trip.


  1. Make a List & Check it Twice: Make a clear list of exactly what you’ll need for your trip and try to stick to your list as much as possible- don’t get carried away shoving extra things in and double-check before you go that everything from your list is accounted for.
  2. Dress For The Weather: Check the weather report a week before you fly (or drive, or whatever mode of transport you’re going for). Make your list according to the weather report, but always bring a raincoat and warmer weather clothes just in case- weather reports do get it wrong from time to time!
  3. Leave the Jewelery: Although you might want to show off your flashiest necklace, avoid packing anything that you couldn’t bear to lose. Airlines can be notoriously unreliable, and you never know when things might disappear. Leave the valuables at home.
  4. Get Mini Toiletries: Don’t waste room bringing full size shampoo and shower gel- grab some miniature travel size bottles and put your favorite toiletries into them to save space and avoid major leakage messes.
  5. Remember the Regulations: Check the travel regulations to ensure that you’re not bringing anything in your carry on that could end up being kept behind at the security check point. Liquids in particular can present a problem, so pack toiletries in your main luggage and avoid bringing any fluids in your carry on. This could save you plenty of time and hassle at security.
  6. Be Prepared: Pack a basic first aid kit, some basic painkillers and sunscreen no matter where you’re going- you’d be surprised how often these basic things can be forgotten and then needed.
  7. Fold Well: Learn the folding techniques that are used in clothing stores. Well folded clothes can end up saving you tons of room in your suitcase, leaving extra space for all that shopping you’ll do on the other side.
  8. Line With Tissue: If you’re concerned about your clothes wrinkling during the journey, place layers of tissue paper between your clothes, this should keep them nice and smooth.
  9. Pack Tightly: Minimize space wasting by packing as tightly as possible. Don’t waste valuable space in your shoes or suitcase pockets- these can be ideal for underwear, socks and accessories.
  10. Keep Valuables In Carry On: Try to avoid putting anything in your suitcases that will be checked that you can’t afford to lose. Keep your cell phone, keys, wallet, passport, tickets and other crucial documents in your carry on instead.
  11. Plan Ahead: Try to think about which outfit you’re going to wear at the beginning of your trip, and in what order you’d like to wear your clothes. If you have a decent sense of chronology for everything you’ve packed, then you can plan ahead by packing the things you’d like to wear first toward the top of the suitcase. This should make everything easily accessible and keep you organized.
  12. Unpack Straight Away: Although you may want to get out and explore your vacation destination as soon as you set foot in the hotel, take the time to unpack and get your room set up before you move on to anything else. The sooner you unpack, the less wrinkled your clothes will be, and you won’t need to rummage through your suitcase to find everything you need. This will also help you to feel more settled into your new surroundings, rather than give you the feeling that you’re living out of a suitcase.