Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 of the World’s Most Unusual Jobs

Are you stuck in a boring, monotonous job? Well, it might or might not comfort you to know that there are all kinds of weird and wonderful jobs being carried out across the country right now. Maybe you should consider a career change, or just marvel at the unusual jobs other people are doing. Here are my 12 most unusual jobs in the world, enjoy!

Professional Cuddler

Yes, in Japan, these exist. For a small fee, you can enter a Japanese cuddle cafe and snuggle up to a stranger for a few hours! That’s must be an interesting job. It won’t be long before they’re popular all over the world.

Roller Coaster Tester

Every day when the theme park opens, the roller coasters have to be safety tested. That’s somebody’s job! If you’re a thrill seeker, it’s the ideal job. I suppose all those rides must get boring after a while though.


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Auction Assistant

An auction assistant is that person who stands at the front of the auction room and hold up the sale item for everyone to see. The hardest part of the job is that smile! You have to keep it up all day long.

Private Investigator

I have an admission to make; this is the job I want. Maybe I’ve watched too many Humphrey Bogart movies, but is there anything better than being a private investigator? Tracing crooks and solving the most complicated of mysteries, the epitome of cool.


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Cannabis Grower

Budtender jobs are about to spring up all over America. It’s all perfectly legal though. The cannabis growing and selling industry is growing rapidly after many states legalised the drug.

Human Cannonball

This sounds kind of scary, and it probably is. What kid grows up thinking that they want to be that guy who gets fired out of a cannon at the circus? Well, some kids must. I hope they’re at least paid well.

Bank Penetration Tester

Have you ever wanted to break into a bank? Admit it, you have. If it weren’t for all that pesky prison time, we’d all have a go at it. After all lets not forget the old Brecht quote: “What is the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?” Well as a penetration tester you’ll get to try to break in legally!

Artificial Intelligence Developer

Artificial intelligence is no longer the preserve of science fiction; it’s heading into reality fast! And a lot of people have the job of bringing it a step closer. Imagine being the person who creates a robot with human intelligence.


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Kids Toy Tester

After I’ve finished the private investigating, I’d like to try this one. I’d say most of us are still children at heart, so who wouldn’t love the idea of playing with and testing toys for a living?

Movie Body Double

A lot of celebrities don’t like doing those steamy nude scenes in movies. That’s where body doubles come in. If you’re bored in your job, why not try your hand at body doubling, your backside may become famous!

Police ID Parader

If you’re a struggling actor why not play a crook and join a police lineup. You must have seen them on tv; the witness comes in and picks out the culprit while you all stand in a line looking shifty.


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There are all kinds of jobs available to lookalikes. But it’s the kind of job you can only do if you possess a striking natural resemblance to a celebrity.