Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 of the Most Popular Career Paths for Young Graduates

When you’ve recently graduated, the world can seem full possibilities, but which one should you take? It’s never easy to know where to start. You don’t want to run the risk of getting stuck in a job that’s wrong for you. Here are some of the most common career paths for graduates to give you some ideas.

  1. Investment Banking

If you’re money oriented and want to delve straight into a career that’ll allow you to earn a lot of money, investment banking might be the way to go. A degree in finance or economics will help you out, but people enter the industry from all different angles and backgrounds.

  1. Sales

Sales is the kind of career path that is suited to a specific type of person. You have to be engaging and able to talk to people in a relaxed, casual manner. Basically, you have to be able to sell stuff!

  1. Teaching

Everyone talks about how rewarding teaching can be, and I’m sure it is. It is also incredibly hard work. Teachers are always in demand though. Especially male teachers as there’s shortage of them these days.


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  1. Software Developer

The software developer is quickly becoming the rock star of the 21st century. Most of us play video games in some form or another and they all have to be created by developers. It’s not all about games though, every kind of software needs to be developed!

  1. Law

Understandably, careers in law remain as popular as ever for graduates. Whether they go on to become human rights lawyers or divorce lawyers, it’s an industry that is always throwing up interesting cases and possibilities.

  1. Translation

I recently found out how in demand translators are nowadays. It made me wish I’d tried a bit harder on my GCSE German exam. If you can speak a fluent foreign language, you’ll never be short of work. Words, both written and spoken, always need to be translated.

  1. IT Technician

If designing computer technology doesn’t interest you much, how about maintaining it? As we ditch paper and move towards digital technology in every aspect of our lives, IT technicians are becoming even more valuable.

  1. PR and Marketing

Companies are now even more concerned about their public image than ever before. They need to exude a positive image to the wider world while still selling as much of their product as possible. This is why PR and Marketing workers are so in demand.

  1. Health Care

Being a doctor is something a lot of kids dream of becoming as a child. It’s a noble profession. But that’s not all there is to health care. Thousands of people take up nursing every year, and social carers are also important now we’re all living longer.


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  1. Business Management

Careers in business are incredibly attractive to young people. There’s the possibility for great career progression, so if you apply yourself, you could rise right to the top. Thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever to start a business too.

  1. Food and Drink

We all need food and drink. And becoming a chef is even more popular now thanks to the proliferation of food programmes on television.

  1. Accountancy

It may seem a little boring to a lot of you, but accountancy remains a very popular choice for recent graduates. It used to be a profession that didn’t need a degree, but these days most people going into the industry are graduates.