Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Home Upgrades That Pay Off When You Sell Up



Want to make the most of the value of your home? Read on for twelve simple upgrades that can boost your selling price.

Upgrade your kitchen

The kitchen is the first place that prospective buyers look at when they view your home. Make sure it looks pristine, fresh and has plenty of room for preparation. There’s no need to spend a fortune, but you should consider a new kitchen if your current one is looking outdated.

Freshen up your bathroom

The bathroom is another place that needs to sing to potential buyers. Get a new toilet seat, and install some new units if yours are looking dilapidated. Bella Bathrooms have a good range of styles on their website that you can look at to get you started.


One thing you shouldn’t forget to do is regrout your bathroom. It’s a difficult job, but it will give your entire bathroom an instant facelift.


Before you finish with your kitchen and bathroom, make sure that you make any minor repairs. Nothing is worse than a prospective buyer opening up a cupboard, only for the handle to fall off!

Air con and heating

Make sure your air conditioning and heating is working well and has been maintained recently. The viewer may ask to see certificates, and it will show you have been taking care of things.



Beef up your storage

If you have been struggling for storage while you have been living in your home, then find some solutions before you sell up. People like to know that they have plenty of cubby holes and storage for all their things. If yours are scattered about the place, it will set off warning alarms.

Clean your carpets

Carpets get dirty over time, and it’s hard to spot problem areas when they develop when you see them all the time. So, no matter how clean you think your carpet is, be sure to get an industrial cleaner to give them a once over before you put your home on the market.

Improve your lighting

Lighting is a cost-effective way to make your home more attractive. It doesn’t cost a fortune to get some nice-looking strip lights for the ceiling, and you can also think about dotting some lamps around the place. Make it look as homely as possible, and people will imagine themselves living there.

Paint your walls

It doesn’t take long to give your walls a quick lick of paint, so don’t forget! It will give your home a fresh lift and make it look a lot more attractive to the viewer.



Tidy your garden

Make sure that your garden is looking awesome for any prospective buyer. Mow your lawn, get rid of any debris, and keep it clear of kids toys and people will perceive you and your home in a much better light.

Sort out your curb appeal

While you are outside, have a good look at the front of your house, too. It’s the first thing that every viewer will see, so it’s important to wow the as much as possible. Paint your walls, if needs be, and attend to any damage on your door frames.

Fix your guttering

Finally, make sure that your guttering is fixed. Sadly, in this country, the only type of weather we can guarantee is rain. If your guttering needs clearing, it only takes a little rain for them to start overflowing. While it’s not the biggest of jobs, the viewer will see this straight away and start doubting your home keeping credentials.