Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Health Warning To Never Ignore


Everyone experiences aches and pains, but here are some symptoms you should never brush off.


Headaches are usually a mild ailment afflicting most people. However see your doctor if your headache does not subside for a few days, even with pain killers, or if a short sharp pain is followed be nausea.

Sudden Weight Loss

If you have made no lifestyle changes to induce weight loss it is good to seek the opinion of a medical professional as sudden weight loss is sometimes associated with kidney disease or thyroid problems.


It is vital to never ignore a lump.   While bumps and lumps are often benign they should be examined by a doctor.

Sore Throat

While a sore throat is often something small or perhaps an indication of allergies or flu, don’t leave it untreated if it gets increasingly sore over a few days or does not subside over a week or two.


A temperature of 38°C and more warrants a visit to the doctor’s office especially in the case of infants who might suffer febrile convulsions.

Breathing Difficulty

A constant feeling of breathlessness or being unable to catch your breath while you are resting probably is cause for concern.

Always tired

Never feeling rested and alert could be a symptom of something bigger and is sometimes associated with sleep apnea, cancer and diabetes.


Seek medical advice if a nose bleed or wound continues bleeding profusely for more than 20 minutes.

Bleeding between menstrual cycles or after sex could indicate polycystic ovary syndrome or fibroids.

Coughing blood streaked phlegm should not be considered normal.

Changing bowels

Diarrhea and constipation are common ailments but take note if there are any noticeable changes in your bowel habit that might affect your normal functioning.

Itchy skin

Itchy skin could be the result of sensitivity of allergy to a substance.  Continued itching over a longer period of time could be eczema.  In both cases it would be best to speak to your doctor.

More floaters

Floaters occur when there are small imperfections in the eyeball.  They ‘float’ in front of your eyes and might look like cobwebs or fibers.  Usually they are normal and no cause for concern but if they suddenly dramatically increase report it to your doctor.

Pins and Needles

Poor circulation often causes a sensation of pins and needles, but be concerned if the sensation does not subside shortly after you started using the limb as this could be an indication of something serious like arthritis, Lyme’s disease, hypothyroidism or diabetes.