Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Fashion Tips You Need To Know

Fashion is a tricky thing- there are no real hard and fast rules, it’s all about finding the look that works for you and wearing it with confidence. However, all of us need a little guidance from time to time when trying to figure out what to wear. Whether you’re trying to re-invent your wardrobe or just boosting your everyday look, follow these simple tips for effortless style.


  1. Find the perfect fit. A great fitting pair of jeans will take you through a huge range of occasions, from a day at the mall to a night out with the girls. Finding the right fit isn’t always an easy feat- try on multiple styles to find the style that suits your body type. A slim cut is always a good choice, as they’re easy to tuck into jeans and look dressed up with a pair of heels.
  2. Out with the old, in with the new. Do a regular closet clean out and get rid of all of the clothes that you haven’t worn in the past year. Sell them online and use the cash to buy new items that you will actually wear. If you’re not short on cash then donate the clothing to a worthy cause and make room for something new.
  3. Invest in a classic white shirt. A crisp, fitted white shirt is a must have for any woman and can be dressed up or down for business or casual wear.
  4. Care for your clothes. If you take care of your clothing in the right way, they’ll last longer and look better. Follow the care instructions carefully and don’t be tempted to skip the dry cleaning for those precious items.
  5. Keep an open mind. Don’t be too fussy when you head to the stores. Pick up pieces that you’re not positive about and try them on- you never know what might surprise you when it’s on your body.
  6. Get some nude pumps. If you don’t own a pair already, invest in a pair of nude pumps that matches your skin tone. They’ll elongate your legs and make any outfit look chic and stylish.
  7. Wear great underwear. Make sure your bra fits perfectly- most women wear the wrong size without realizing. A sleek look starts with what’s underneath your clothes.
  8. Incorporate bright colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. If you’re wearing a muted or dark outfit, add a splash of color with a bright belt, handbag or pair of shoes.
  9. Avoid the sale trap. Just because an item is heavily discounted, that doesn’t mean you’ll actually wear it. Think carefully about whether you’ll actually get use of out of the garment before you make a purchase, no matter how much money has been slashed off the price tag.
  10. Alter freely. If you really love an item of clothing but find that it doesn’t quite fit right, alter it to make it perfect for you. Staple items like blazers, trousers and formal dresses can be worn time and time again so a trip to the tailor could be a good investment.
  11. Expose wisely. Showing a little skin can be a great move, but use this strategy wisely or you’ll look overexposed. Most stylists recommend picking one area to show off and covering up the rest. That means your mini skirt and plunging top probably won’t work so well together- leave the attention grabbing to one part of your body for the best effect.
  12. Accessorize well. Even the most dull outfit can be instantly elevated by the right accessories. Pair your little black dress with an eye-catching piece of statement jewellery, and wear patterned high heels with your usual work suit for a stylish new look.