Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Fashion Staples that Build the Foundation of a Wardrobe

Fashion styles change over the years, but staples remain the same. There are a number of things that absolutely everybody should have in their wardrobe in order to put together the foundation of their outfits. The following 12 fashion staples are non-negotiable and should be in everyone’s wardrobe:


Where would we be without our favourite jeans? Probably somewhere much less exciting, that’s for sure! Everybody needs jeans to build the foundation of their wardrobe. A couple of pairs in fact. I love skinny, mom style, boyfriend style, ripped…the lot!


Leggings are comfy and perfect to wear with most long tops and jumpers. They balance out your silhouette when wearing something a little baggy on top too.

A Tunic Top

Tunic tops like those worn in Muslim clothing can be a great way to add diversity to your wardrobe. Every nationality has their own version of the tunic top, but they all look wonderful!

A Good Coat

Don’t be afraid to invest in a good coat that will stand the test of time. I just love trench coats and camel coats, which are both beige in colour. This hue goes with everything, but then again so does black. Don’t buy coats that are the new ‘in’ thing, as they won’t likely last you very long. People who constantly try to buy the next big thing always end up with clothes they don’t want!




Tights are another alternative to leggings, but the great thing about them is that you can pick lots of different styles. You can pick coloured tights, patterned tights, thick tights and thin tights. The options are endless!


Boots can look fierce when paired with something casual, or classy when paired with something fancy. It’s all to do with how you style them.


The LBD is a must have for women everywhere. Not sure what to wear to that big event? You can’t go wrong with your LBD. Pick a style you won’t get bored of so you can get your money’s worth from it.

A Sweater

The sweater can be dressed up or down. You can create a casual ensemble, or something a little more dressy with the help of heels. You can even wear it during summer with your fave pair of shorts!

Fitted Trousers

Fitted trousers have the ability to be dressed up or down too; they’re not just for boring work meetings!

White T-shirts

Need I explain this one? Just go out and buy some white t-shirts.

A Leather Jacket

The leather jacket has been badass ever since Fonzie wore one in Happy Days. You should follow his lead like so many other cool kids before him.


Sneakers aren’t just for running, in fact they’re quite the high fashion essential now. They’re much nicer to walk around in too; don’t be afraid to dress them up!

Now you know the fashion staples that should be in every wardrobe, go out and get shopping. See you next time!