Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Fashion rules can usually be bent to suit your personal style, but there are certain styling errors that will quickly cost you your fashion credentials. Avoid these common style mistakes to keep your look on point.


  1. The visible panty line. The dreaded VPL can destroy even the most well put together outfit. Double-check your look before you leave the house to ensure that you’re not giving the world a sneak peek at what’s underneath your trousers. This goes for bras too- get a professional fitting to ensure that you’re getting the smoothest lines possible from your underwear.
  2. Wearing ill-fitting clothes. Not all body types are easy to fit to, but with careful shopping and plenty of time in the dressing room you should be able to find a great fit from your jeans, shirts and dresses. Clothes that are too baggy or too tight can be seriously unflattering.
  3. Over-accessorizing your outfit. Chosen carefully, the right accessories can bring your outfit to a whole new level. Overdoing it will overshadow your clothing and leave you jangling all day.
  4. Wearing no accessories at all. Don’t eschew accessories altogether for fear of looking overdone. A statement necklace, pretty pair of earrings or chic handbag will do wonders for your style, so choose carefully and then wear with confidence.
  5. Wearing uncomfortable shoes. A killer pair of high heels won’t look quite as fashion-forward as you’d hoped if you can’t walk right. Avoid the Bambi walk by finding heels that fit comfortably and break them in before you wear them to any big events where you need to look graceful.
  6. Selecting the wrong shades. Even if you love yellow, there are certain skin tones that will automatically look jaundiced and queasy as soon as you put a yellow dress next to them. Look carefully at your colors and opt for shades that suit your skin tone.
  7. Staying safe with black. As we get older, it can be easy to get in a color rut. Although you might feel comfortable and secure in your little black dress, you just might look even better in a brighter color. Experiment with different colors and add a few splashes of brightness to your outfits- it’s an easy way to spice up your usual style.
  8. Hiding behind expensive brands. If you can afford to wear pricy labels then more power to you, but that’s no reason not to branch out into cheaper stores. You never know what you might find, so keep an open mind when shopping and look beyond the price tag.
  9. Showing off too much at once. There’s nothing wrong with showing a little skin, but overexposure will leave you looking cheap and tacky rather than stylish and chic. Pick one body part to show off and then leave the rest to the imagination.
  10. Keeping your wardrobe strictly seasonal. Still hiding all of your summer dresses, sandals and white pants away as soon as the first leaf hits the ground? You can easily re-style your favorite pieces from last season to make them work for the current weather. Layer knits over your sundresses and wear socks under sandals for a stylish and interesting autumn look.
  11. Getting caught in a work style rut. Staying stylish in the office isn’t always an easy feat, but that’s no excuse to pile on the same old suit for years on end. Play with accessories, tailoring and colors to create a fun new work look.
  12. Catastrophic mismatching. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with prints and colors, but certain styles just don’t work together. Avoid mixing too many bold patterns at one time or you’ll create a look that’s more confusing than easy on the eye.