Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Exciting Jobs In The Field Of Engineering



The world of engineering is one of the widest sectors on the planet. It’s a highly lucrative and respected career path. Yet, it’s very difficult to choose the right discipline for you. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the main specialities associated with engineering. From there, you can choose your favourite. Let’s dive right in.

  1. Aerospace engineering – These engineers are responsible for building planes. It takes place in the commercial sector with jumbo jets and passenger planes. There is also room in the RAF for engineers building fighter jets.
  1. Civil engineer – Civil engineers oversee the construction of vast infrastructure. Everything from bridges to tunnels to skyscrapers is possible here. It’s a varied job and you’ll create some giant structures around the world. It’s one of the highest paid jobs on the list too.
  1. Environmental engineer – The future of all engineering will involve environmental consideration. Specialist environmental engineers will help create the next generation of energy resources. They’ll also consult on everything from construction to defence.
  1. Marine engineering – For those who share an affinity to the ocean, marine engineering might be perfect for you. You’ll assist in the design and build of marine vehicles and help measure the impact of the sea.
  1. Plant engineer – Huge energy plants are still a vital force in modern industry. Coal, oil, and nuclear plants form the backbone of every sector. Your expertise here will help shape the future of energy consumption.
  1. Chemical engineer – Chemical engineering is all about applying chemistry to real-world situations. You’ll use chemical solutions to improve the world around you. It’s a fascinating sector for those with a head for science.
  1. Software engineer – If you find yourself drawn to the power of computing, try software engineering. You’ll create next-generation software to improve speed and productivity of just about everything.
  1. Defence engineer – The armed forces require skilled engineers in every sector. The army, navy and RAF recruit the very best engineers from around the world. They help build defence systems including missiles, submarines, and tanks.
  1. Oil and gas – oil and fuel engineers are in short supply. The industry is enormous and there is a long future here. You’ll use specialised tools like tensioners and a torque bolt to create new and improved systems. The oil and gas industry needs bringing into the 21st century. You can help.
  1. Health and safety – Engineering is a highly dangerous industry. Hazards and health problems are rife, whether it’s chemical or physical harm. Expert, qualified safety specialised help keep the hazards to a minimum on every project.
  1. Architectural engineering – Architectural engineers work to develop new techniques and source new materials. They’re looking to make the field of construction more efficient, reliable, and productive.
  1. Computer engineering – Computer engineers are working to develop the next generation of computer technology. They helped create smartphones, tablets, and laptops. You could design the next big thing.

As you can see, the world of engineering is incredibly vast. Find your specialist niche and help shape the world around you.

Image credit: “Construction and Engineering Students” by US Army Corps of Engineers on Flickr.