Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Essentials For Your Wedding Reception

If you are planning to have your wedding soon, there is a huge amount of scheduling, organising and budgeting that will need to be undertaken. There are always sacrifices to be made due to time or money constraints. You will undoubtedly be excited, so it is easy to get carried away with ideas. However, this simple list of what you need for your wedding reception should help you keep on track:

  1. Venue – This is likely to be local to the bride’s family home. There may only be a few choices nearby, but you need to make sure it is the right one when you are looking at, for example, reception centers in Utah county. Keep reading down the list to ensure your preferred venue provides everything you might need for the big day.
  2. Photography – Your venue will need to have some pretty stunning backdrops to frame you and your wedding party for those perfect wedding pics. If you can’t marry when the flowers are in bloom or your venue falls a little short, pick a photographer who specialises in close-ups so the background is not essential
  3. Food – Some want sit-down meals and others are happy with buffets. Check your venue can cater or will accept you bringing your food in.
  4. Tables and chairs – Unbelievably, some venues will not dress the tables and chairs. They expect you to provide coverings and decorations on top of everything else you have to do that day. Check what is included in the price.
  5. Flowers – Although you are expected to bring your own flowers to decorate the reception venue, some places have fresh flowers in all the common areas such as the entrance and service desk.
  6. Concierge – Make sure your venue provides you with a dedicated staff member to help you set up and enjoy the day. They should be able to immediately rectify anything you are not happy with and provide everything agreed in the contract.
  7. Bridal Bedroom – Does your venue have hotel accommodation you can use? A wedding is a very long and tiring day, and copious amounts of alcohol combined with a late night may require you to take advantage of any bridal suite that may be available.


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  1. Breakfast – If you are staying at the reception hotel the night before or for the night of the wedding itself, you will want something to eat! Check your agreement with the venue includes this vital meal for you.
  2. Bar – Does your venue have a fully licensed bar for your reception party? If you have a special bottle of something, check what the corkage charges are.
  3. Music – If you have live musicians for your first dance, check your venue is licenced for live music. If you want a DJ for the party after, see if you can book one with the venue or if you need to find one independently.
  4. Security – Ask if there is adequate security for storing your wedding gifts while you party. You may also want assurances that your party won’t be invaded by outsiders using other parts of the building.
  5. Family Friendly – Check baby changing facilities are available if you invite guests with children.