Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Essentials For Your Wedding Checklist

Many couples create a seemingly never-ending list of things they must organise in time for their big day. And in doing so, they are mounting extra stress and pressure on themselves, making the lead up to the wedding a miserable time. Ask yourself this: do you really need that ice sculpture of your faces or that six-tiered Belgian chocolate fountain? By scaling back your wedding checklist to only the most important things, you can have the day of your dreams without causing your blood pressure or debts to hit the roof. Obviously, what is considered important will depend on the couple. However, here are the 12 essentials that should be on your wedding checklist:


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  1. Choose a location. Do you want to get married close to where you live or grew up? This is a common starting point for many couples as generally it means the location is easy for their family and friends to get to. Alternatively, you may wish to go somewhere further afield, even abroad. Remember to do your research when choosing a foreign location for your wedding as there will be legal implications.
  2. Research and book a venue. Do a thorough search for ceremony and reception venues in your chosen location so that you see all that’s available for your budget. Visit venue websites such as to get a better feel for them. Make a shortlist of venues and arrange to view them. Agree on your favourite, and book it!
  3. Create your guest list. You may wish to split guests into two groups: ceremony and reception and reception only.
  4. Send out save the dates/invites. Once you’ve booked the venue, send out your save the date cards or invitations as soon as you can. There is no reason to wait, and it means you can firmly score another item of your list. If you are trying to reduce costs and tasks, don’t bother with save the dates. Just send out invitations as soon as they are ready.
  5. Book your officiant. Do this well in advance so that you have time to meet with them at least twice before the wedding. This is so you can get to know each other better and to give them ideas for what you would like them to say.
  6. Organise wedding dresses and suits. Schedule a weekend or two for the groom and the ushers to try on and hire or buy suits and the bride and bridesmaids to organise their dresses. To save time, look for inspiration online and have a good idea of what you are looking for before you go. Arrange a suitable time closer to the wedding for a refitting if necessary.
  7. Research and hire a photographer. You can find a quality photographer via a recommendation, by searching online or by visiting a local wedding fair.
  8. Research and book entertainment. Wedding bands usually hold open gigs so you can get a feel for the kind of music.
  9. Sort out the catering. The catering may be provided by your venue, or you can source your own. Meet with the caters, tell them your requirements and taste the food before booking. Make your life easier by finding a caterer that can also do your wedding cake.
  10. Research and book a florist. Have a good idea what sort of thing you are after before you meet, to save time.
  11. Sort out transportation. How do want to arrive on your big day? Research options within your budget and book.
  12. Relax and enjoy your special day!

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