Saturday 17 April 2021
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12 Diets You May Want To Try

There is nothing wrong with how any of us looks, but we all wish we were a slightly different body shape. Whatever we’ve got, we want something else. It’s the human condition. Part of that condition is to strive for it, whether we have flying pig’s chance of achieving it or not! Some of us resort to surgery and others work hard at the gym or diet. We’ve picked twelve of the most popular diets available…

  1. Atkins – This one has seen a lot of bad press, but mainly because some users failed to understand the point or basics of it. High protein and low carbs mean you may fall foul to low blood sugar and high cholesterol if you are not careful.
  2. WeightWatchers – This branded diet features dozens of prepared foods and snacks for a calorie counting feast of yummies. A fair few people have done really well with this as it includes meetings for group support.
  3. Slimming World – Similar to WeightWatchers, but members can contribute recipes that follow the rules of the healthy eating plans. This works better the bigger you are to start, so see where you are on the Perfect Portions BMI calculator first.
  4. Mediterranean – This one is seeing lots of press attention at the moment.The idea is to eat lots of vegetables and fruits cooked or prepared in olive oil. This diet refers to a region in Europe where it is warm and sunny most of the year, unlike where the vast majority of us live.



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  1. Macrobiotics – It is a mostly vegetarian diet and is expensive because you need to eat organically grown produce to ensure everything is entirely natural.
  2. Vegan – Vegans are considered to be extreme vegetarians. The two diets cannot really be compared because one allows animal produce and the other doesn’t. Vegans do not eat eggs or dairy products. In fact, anything that may have had anything to do with an animal is out. It is incredibly hard to ensure adequate quantities of all your nutritional requirements with this one.
  3. Slimfast – Slimfast is a brand of nutritionally enhanced milk shake powders and snack bars that are quite good at making you feel full. The milkshakes have been very popular for decades and come in several flavors that have added vitamins and minerals. They are a meal replacement but may be more nutritional than the meals you are replacing.
  4. Grapefruit diet – This is derived from the idea there are superfoods out there that break down fats or boost your metabolism. It is a very low calorie diet and restricts the types of food you can eat dramatically. It also relies on you having access to a lot of grapefruits all year round.
  5. Vegetarian – Healthy but may leave you short on protein.
  6. Dukan – A four-phase diet, starting with a low-carb, high-protein hit to lose weight quickly.
  7. 5:2 – Hard because you fast for two solid days each week. This can be dangerous for some.
  8. South Beach Diet – One of the low G.I. diets suitable for heart patients.