Wednesday 21 April 2021
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12 Career Ideas in Finance

When people decide that they want a high-flying career that will pay well and let them live the life of luxury, they often look to finance. Although this varied area of work isn’t for everyone, those who are good at their jobs can have extremely lucrative careers. If you’re willing to put in the effort for a busy and often high-stress job, there are lots of different fields to explore. From investment banking to insurance and financial planning, a degree in finance or a similar subject opens up lots of options.


Simon Cunningham

Corporate Finance

Jobs in corporate finance involve finding and managing capital that the company needs in order to run. Duties might include setting up a financial strategy, predicting profits and losses and managing risks.

Investment Banker

Investment banking positions are some of the highest paying graduate jobs. Looking for the successful investment banking lifestyle? Find out how to be a successful banker at WallStreetTeach with Geoff Blades.

Commercial Banking

There are many different job opportunities within commercial banks, offering a number of services. This sector is excellent for advancing through the ranks, with positions from bank teller and loan manager to branch manager and roles in the head office.

Hedge Fund Jobs

Hedge fund jobs are often seen as some of the most glamorous in the financial sector. They involve managing private investments, including roles as a trader, portfolio manager and financial analyst.


Accountants can provide a range of services to both individuals and businesses. You can help people keep track of their finances, pay their taxes and access rebates, funding and other financial schemes.

Private Equity

It is the role of someone working in private equity to find funds for businesses so that they can keep their current activities going and begin to expand.


There are many different things you can do in the world of insurance, within a number of different insurance types. You could provide services for people who need to insure their car, business, home and many other things.

Financial Planning

Financial planners help people with their saving and investments so they can reach their money goals for the future. They can look at someone’s current situation and help them develop a plan for how to fulfill their aims within a specific timeframe.

Real Estate

There are lots of different careers waiting for finance graduates in the real estate sector. These roles might involve mortgages and real estate lending, savings, loans and insurance.

Debt Advice

Many individuals and businesses need information to help them manage and remove their debt every day. Debt counseling is useful to many people, and is required before people can legally declare themselves bankrupt. Giving debt advice could be the right career for you.


Stockbrokers manage investments for their clients. They also sometimes provide advice to help them make investing decisions. It involves analytical thinking and an ability to keep up with quickly changing situations.

Management Consultant

Consulting is an excellent industry for people who want to give financial advice to businesses. You can help to solve problems and further a company by providing the right information.

If you get a degree in finance, your career options are wide open. There are lots of different industries to access, and within them are a wide range of roles.